[H] 2/8M LF Blood Dk

The Drunken Elk is currently recruiting a blood dk for Mythic Uldir Progression and onward! Our Raid times are Wednesday and Thursday 9pm-12am EST. Tuesday is designated Mythic + day during the same times 9pm-12am EST with groups set up.

Feel free to add my BNET MTopher#1333 or Calyso#1866 if you have any questions!

Thanks and glhf :D
Still looking for all roles, we've had a few additions so far tonight, but we're still looking for more. Come on down!
Looking for more information?

Check out our Wow Progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/The+Drunken+Elk

Feel free to reach out to Frosty (MTopher#1333) or myself (Calyso#1866) with questions. We're excited to press forward!
Still looking for a couple healers and melee/ranged dps!
We'd love to specifically add:
Holy Paladin
Resto Shaman
Windwalker Monk
Frost DK

However, reach out to us, we're looking for all willing players who want to achieve more.
Bump! Still looking for the above in addition to Disc Priest!
Added yet another, still seeking some healers and all top tier players.
Bring me a Holy Paladin. <3

Pst Frosty or myself to discuss.
^ need a holy paly/disc priest/ or resto shaman!
^still need a healer! Non druid
^ just looking for a blood dk!
Need Blood DK! add me :D

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