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We are Inquisitive, our guild was formed late into the expansion of Legion. We then started heavily recruiting for like-minded individuals who wish to dedicate a certain amount of hours a week into progression raiding. The environment that Inquisitive aims to have is one that provides everyone an opportunity to voice out their opinion and suggestions. We strongly believe that the guild can only improve with the input of not only its leaders, but its members as well. "The chain is only as strong as its weakest link".

A little bit about ourselves
Up to date, our guild comprises mainly of Singaporeans, Malaysian, Filipinos and Australians however we welcome anyone from anywhere so as long as you’re keen to be part of the community.

Majority of our core raiders comprise of working adults with day jobs and despite that, we still value the time spent together progressively raiding. We believe that with strong synergy and camaraderie among core raiders will drive us to push the guild to its maximum potential.

Raid times
Progression Runs: Sunday & Monday 8 pm-12 am GMT+ 8
Alt/Normal/Non-progression Runs: Friday 8 pm - 12 am GMT+ 8

What we're looking for

• Vengeance DH
• Blood DK
• Brew master Monks

• Restoration Druid
• Restoration Shaman
• Holy Paladin
• Mist weaver Monks

• Havoc Demon Hunters
• Fury/Arms Warriors
• Balance Druids
• Frost/Unholy Death Knights Expectations

If you’re looking to trial to join our core raid team this is what we expect from you:

• Punctuality and patience
• Consistent attendance for raiding
• Utilization of flask, runes and potions
• Enchants and gems all your gear
• Have a working microphone and be vocal (ESPECIALLY FOR THE TANKS)
• Receive essential criticism graciously. Doing so will allow you/us to learn and constantly strive for improvement. For more inquiries, you're more than welcome to post here or privately message me or my fellow recruiters using the different platforms posted below.

Battle Net: chivalrous#1373 | blitztiger#11255
Discord: Ragingbane#5783 | Blitztiger#1431 | Shockerholic#9140

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