Why is World of Warcraft's Sub Count Declining?

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11/07/2018 03:16 PMPosted by Spinster
11/07/2018 02:50 PMPosted by Snowfox
The wow haters don't care about reliable sources.

They only care about the hate.

WoW hater.

As if I would have invested well over a decade’s worth of gaming time and my money in something I hate.

Well the important question is still if you care about facts and reliable sources?
can someone link me the thing where it shows wows sub numbers? and the declining points? i hear we are losing people in the millions these days, i just wana see the numbers please, i love data , data data data
Too many care bear systems like LFR
Trying to distill a decline in sub counts down to a single source is an exercise in futility. Different people play and stop playing the game for different reasons. The rep grind for Champions of Azeroth happens to rub you the really wrong way; for other folks it's the "meh" factor of Azerite armor, the disjointed storyline, RNG on top of RNG on top of (well, you get it), or the disappointing island expeditions and warfronts (these are all opinions I have seen expressed over and over on the forums, not necessarily saying I agree with all of them).

I'm sorry the rep grind bothers you so much. It's not a frustration that I share (I personally found it quite tolerable to reach Exalted), but I also will NOT be grinding this faction on my alts the way I did on this toon. I'm not quite in the camp demanding account-wide rep yet, but I can certainly see the appeal.
Really as I said in another thread on here MMO's across the board look like they are losing a fair amount of subs. I came from SWTOR and I can tell you the game has lost a good number. STO as well, harder to see due to the single server. A friend of mine who plays ESO has pointed out that things are a tad slower and they have done promotions for subs. I've even seen some talk of FFXIV losing subs.

In my eyes? This isn't just a "WoW" thing. So what is it?

For one? MMO's are just not the big online game anymore. Keep in mind, ten years ago we had new MMO's popping up out of the wood work all the time. Today? I can't even remember the last big MMO I've heard in the works. It's just not this huge market anymore, and note this does tend to happen in gaming. Something gets big and every copies it, then it dies off and something else gets big.

Looking around in my eyes the three trends look to be MOBA's, Battle Royals and MMO Lite games like Destiny and The Division. Shooters are still a big thing, and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. Still I see more about games like Fortnite and the like now more then I do about MMO's.

Over all I don't think MMO's are dying however they have cooled off a lot. Games like WoW, TOR, ESO and the like are just not the big games people flock to anymore.
I did not care for the grinding of a stupid necklace, that is one reason why I did not do the islands. Once I did them for a couple of weeks, I did not have a reason to go back to, except to level my pendent for my neck. Even then I did not go back, because it got boring. Then there is that the avatars feel under powered. I think we had more power in Legion. The main reason is because there is nothing really keeping my interest in BFA. I have already done the whole story to this point. I did the raid, it was okay. It really did not pertain to the Alliance. It was mostly for the Horde campaign.
11/07/2018 01:51 AMPosted by Elynos
rng and azerite getting better with vendors/new ring/new traits/ trait rebalance

master looter who cares not a big deal for anyone but world first race which they found a way around it. GCD getting better with movement abilities not on gcd, combat is still fast af. Nobody cares about tier sets they were too much of hinderance if the current raid had wack set bonuses, we get to choose our bonus with azerite.

Time-gate has always been in the game, not sure what u expect.

RNG & Azerite getting better isn't good enough. It shouldn't have been this bad to begin with. Complete joke.

Master Looter being taken away was dumb because now if you get some piece of loot that's an ilvl upgrade for you but it sims lower and someone else can use it you still can't trade it. Garbage.

GCD changes should have never happened, they keep rolling it back further and further when they shouldn't have done it in the first place.

Nobody cares about tier sets? Are you kidding me? Lots of people don't like that they're gone, just because you don't care doesn't mean nobody cares. Sorry cool guy.

Sure, time gating has been around forever. I know. The fact that it's being used to unlock things like flying & new races is just dumb though. Why can't we just get flying at max level like before? I don't mind reps for races but let us grind it out in one day if we choose to do so, not this limited amount of wq garbage.

What I expect is a game that listens to it's fan base at least a little. This game isn't that game, so I quit playing.

It's really not a big deal to me, there's plenty of other games to play.

OP asked me what reasons I had for not liking the game. I gave him MY reasons, I have my opinons. You don't have to agree with me.
Because blizzard is tone deaf. They are releasing a diablo mobile game and said other ip's will follow suit. Time to die blizzard, lets make it so!
11/07/2018 12:57 AMPosted by Diana
11/07/2018 12:19 AMPosted by Wárpàth
My necklace is ilvl 316. I cannot change this without grinding rep for nearly a month.

Mmmm, not really. And getting neck level up is actually faster on alts than it was on the first toon. This toon is an alt to my current main and it was incredibly fast to catch up thanks to all the loot pinatas.

I'm exalted on all reps but two on my main and this one I'm almost at revered with most and that was from casual Emissaries, mission tables and the fact that less AP is needed over time to level. I'm not even trying to get anything ground up on this one compared to my main, it just happened.

Getting my neck up was the only grind I really cared about on it and 373 now without having done more than a couple two or three island missions, but prioritizing CoA. You prioritized differently, running raid and mythic content which raised the rest of your gear above what I was able to get barely trying, but my neck is higher by actually doing the four or five CoA quests you get a day.

And you can't actually grind CoA rep with just a few WQs every day as the sole source of reliable faction opportunities, unlike Vanilla, BC and Wrath reputations in particular, where you could, for most of them, put in as much work as you wanted with little hard time gating.

The last paragraph of this is exactly what I’m wanting. Give me something I can endlessly work towards if I want to. Similar to how the AP grind is currently. You can endlessly spam expeditions to get an incredibly high neck level, but the catch up mechanic makes it unnecessary to do that. Right now there is no way at all to grind CoA rep other than random world quests and a lucky emissary. That was the whole point of this. That’s poor game design and poor game design makes players leave.
Balancing is an ever-going process that will never end. Period.
Including quality of life mechanics is nice.

But there are two major things that need to happen.
1. Improved questing experience for leveling and beyond.
2. Update the outdated Assets for Characters and evnironment.

Point 1
When I say an improved questing experience I am not saying the improve the amount of experience a player earns from an area.
I am saying that the story and questing content in old zones should be of higher quality, Blizz has come a long way and it would be great to see more engaging story content for the leveling experience AND it should be more up to date with world events.
WoW is too static right now. It has been a little over 8 years since Cataclysm. The world events and questing in older zones should be more up to date. Esspecially with new allied races joining the fight and experienceing the world.

Point 2
People are generally in agreement that the improved player models were a nice improvement and many of them would probably not want to go back to the models the game had.
The same rule should apply to the environments. Art style aside, the game is still outdated in many areas. Update the old zones to be on par with the quality of the new areas.
A facelift every couple - few years would be great. Trees, buildings, water, lighting, etc.
But more importantly using it as an oppotunity to change the environment with new storylines and quests. How have the lands faired since the cataclysm 8 years ago?

This two major points are not only for bringing interest from new players, but also making it feel like a living world for the Veteran players that have stuck through it all this time.
WoW is often considered THE mmo, they have the resources to do this.
11/07/2018 03:22 PMPosted by Grimoris
can someone link me the thing where it shows wows sub numbers? and the declining points? i hear we are losing people in the millions these days, i just wana see the numbers please, i love data , data data data

They will not release them because it would in all likely hood cause stock to drop. I have heard from fellow investor they have asked for them. But have to sign NDF to get them. so make it as you well.
11/07/2018 04:53 AMPosted by Caelin
11/06/2018 10:38 PMPosted by Wárpàth
1) You have made the reputation gain SOLELY dependent upon completing WQ's once you have reached max level. Meaning you have no way to increase it's item level prior to 120 and get a jump on this already tedious grind.

And yet with all of that it some how managed to be the second BFA reputation I reached exalted with.

11/06/2018 10:38 PMPosted by Wárpàth
4) Gaining this Reputation does nothing but give your necklace stats. Something that is essential, but the single least rewarding experience possible.

Not true, the HoA also unlocks your armor traits. Armor from raids requires a much more powerful HoA to fully unlock the inner most tiers.

11/06/2018 10:38 PMPosted by Wárpàth
5) At any given time there may be only a handful of these WQs up.

Buy a contract and EVERY WQ will now award a small amount of CoA reputation. Over the time this will quickly add up and your CoA reputation will out pace the rest. As I said, it was the second one I hit exalted with and that is even with all the "issues" you have pointed out.

There are problems with BFA but CoA isn't even that big of one...

1) You probably hit it first like most of the player base because you put an emphasis on it because of how important it is.

2) This point is simply wrong. CoA rep ONLY affects the item level of the necklace. Meaning it only affects the stats the necklace provides. Azerite traits are based off of how much Azerite power and the level of Azerite the necklace contains.

3) You can’t even buy a contract until you are friendly which you essentially need a lucky emissary or a week of grinding rep each day to get. Not a reasonable expectation imo.
11/07/2018 03:18 PMPosted by Snowfox
11/07/2018 03:16 PMPosted by Spinster
WoW hater.

As if I would have invested well over a decade’s worth of gaming time and my money in something I hate.

Well the important question is still if you care about facts and reliable sources?

We're still waiting for you to share with us your "reliable sources" on which you are basing your assumptions.

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