Allied Races? How? It's incredibly unclear.

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I've read the pre-launch stuff, I've been looking at WowHead. none of this stuff is anything I'd really count as a guide. How do you unlock any of these? It's very poorly communicated in the game.

You go to the embassy (alliance) and they all make a big deal of choosing which one to go for first, you learn about how great they are with hero npcs all around you and then.... nothing. You're not sent on any kind of quest line, nothing.

Do I need to do a backflip? Send a love letter to a GM? What do you do? Do I still have to back track into Legion and get exhalted with some faction that progress-gates me every 5 quests? (because that's why I stopped playing Legion).

Maybe update that whole scene so people actually know what to do... without consulting 3rd party websites? Just an idea.
You need exalted with a faction. Then the embassy will open a short quest chain and there you go, AR unlocked.
11/07/2018 08:57 PMPosted by Leyrin
Do I still have to back track into Legion and get exhalted with some faction that progress-gates me every 5 quests?

For the 6 that were released during Legion, you do have to go back and complete Legion content, but there won't be any quest progress gates. The only gates will be how many world quests are available each day once you finish the main storyline.

The Mag'Har and Dark Irons have BfA quest and rep requirements.

The wowhead page lists which quest chains you need to complete and which faction you need to be exalted with for the allied race. Clicking on the quest chain title will show you how many parts and lead you to more information about where to pick up the quest and so on.

There's also an attunement tool that you can use to track your progress and see what's completed and what isn't.

Note that the reputation requirements will get easier after 8.1 because Blizzard is doubling the amount of xp earned from the world quests.

You need to complete both a related questing achievement as well as reach exalted with the related faction. For the Legion races, Highmountain tauren comes from Highmountain, Nightborne from Suramar, Void Elves and Light-forged Draenei both from Argus. You can complete the unlock requirements with any level 110+ character or mix of characters, but the recruitment scenarios are faction-specific.

So far everything for BfA races is faction-specific.

WoW's relied on third-party information for too many years now, particularly wowhead, and that won't be changing anytime soon. However, adding some sort of tracker quest to the embassies would make the most sense, "start or continue questing" for whichever zone and "reach exalted with" whichever faction. I wouldn't hold my breath for it though.

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