For those quitting, what would bring you back?

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Flying at max level. Remove level scaling.
11/08/2018 11:36 AMPosted by Bangnfire
-M+ fixed

What do you mean "fixed"? Like "make something exciting," that is a very vague term when used in the context you used it in.

How exactly is M+ broken?
Flying and better story that isn't throwing nightelves under the bus so many times.
(no spoiler, but if you like the nightelves, you won't like whats on the ptr happening to them. Might even cause you to unsub.)
1) No sharding
2) PVP realms back!
Zandalari Warlocks, as promised TWICE: once during their reveal, then at Blizzcon.
78m left on my sub... Le sigh

- PvP vendors

- PvP Gear should be as good as the max level PvE in PVP ( with a iLvL difference in blue/purple). Make PVP gear pointless in PvE, Idc... But I played for PVP not to run dungeons to feel (an artificial boost no less) a progression. But... "world quests... blah blah" No I want PVP, not world content, not raids, not dungeons.

- Scaling is WAY outta hand, in some cases the progression is actually backwards.

- Reforging

- Better balancing on WarMode seems to sway badly.

- Stop favoring one faction over the other for the entirety of an expansion. Think most of the faction imbalance comes from lore rather then racials... people wanna be a bad mofo, horde has the cool factor atm... (This is not limited to JUST horde, WoD was in alliance Favor)

- Stop dumbing down options... already touched on Reforging but gems and enchants? what is the point anymore rarely get socketed gear and only have 5 slots for enchants with 2 of them trivial.

- Miss the old dueling days (out front of orgi or SW), not sure why we don't have them atm but those were good days.

- They mentioned reverting GCD changes I know, but this really bothered my feel for general combat, game feels slow.

- WAY TO MUCH RNG, wow is now a lottery and it is silly. (Titanforging makes this WAY worse)

Just my gripes I have off the top of my head, again sub almost up so I will not be able to discuss this. You are free to disagree with me and point it out... But I genuinely do not like these problems.

P.S. I am not saying or telling others not to have fun, you enjoy the game? Congrats keep on mate.
1: remove dev team
2: get new dev team
My youth.
MMOs are an absolute waste of time when you think about it since there is no "end game". Even more so with WoW.

For exemple finishing a M+ : waste one hour of my time to be rewarded with nothing. What's the point ?
I was suspended for the name Bootiebae when there are others in the game with this name longer than I and even a location in the game name after me.....
I would come back if auto suspension didn't exist and they had an actual human investigator go through these complaints to make sure people like myself aren't being harassed and griefed and punished by easily manipulated automated report features. which is about the stupidest laziest thing ever from a billion dollar company.
My sub runs out in 15min. Not quitting just taking a break until 8.1.
1. Get rid of Pathfinder. Do not replace it with anything and do not remove flying altogether. I already have the flying skills, all of them in my ability panel. I should be able to use them. Blizzard seems to think for some stupid reason that the content cannot be compelling with flying. I think that if it is not compelling with flying then it is just as drab without it. I should be able to fly the moment I step into the zone at level 110 if I have purchased the flying skill way back at level 60. No reason to deny me abilities I have already acquired, ESPECIALLY if I had to purchase those abilities.

2. Retcon the entire expac story. All of it. Start over from scratch. You don't have to change the events that happened or the order they happened in, but the motivations for the actions taken by the people in question are highly incoherent (especially for Sylvanas who should be cold and calculating, not abandoning an established and so far very successful plan just to make one beaten and dying elf cry).

3. Give the players the Allied races they want. There was a huge demand for Highmountain and Nightborne options long before Allied Races were even rumored much less announced. Lightforged at least were (sort of) introduced during the story of Legion even if I don't recall any of the mission texts or cutscenes or anything of the sort identifying them as Lightforged, but there were Draenei that looked like that wandering around Argus. But someone pulled void elves right out of their... void... with no introduction at all and a ridiculous premise that made the players wonder what on earth the devs were smoking to come up with that. The closest thing to a void elf before they were actually released was Alleria and she neither looked nor acted anything like what we were delivered. You say there's nothing in lore to support Quel'dorei High Elves being an allied race, well, there's even less to support Void Elves and yet, there they are.

4. Revert the GCD changes. All of them. Those classes that worked in Legion should have been left the way they were and those that didn't work or didn't work as well should have been given some love to bring them up to par with the ones that did.

5. RNG should be for fluff, not for class dependent and essential to progress gear. The azerite armor system is a failure on the level with Milli Vanilli. I had hoped they had learned at least part of their lesson in Legion, but no, they took the worst thing about Legion, RNG dependent traits, and tripled down on it. Now its not just the traits on relics inserted into the giant stat sticks with lots of other, arguably better traits already on them, but now the items themselves are dependent on the RNG and they aren't even giant stat blocks with a bunch of non-RNG dependent traits on them to soften the blow.
Flying for gold at max level.
Remove level scaling.
Dial back RNG significantly.
Remove the GCD changes.
Bring back master looting for raids.
11/08/2018 11:36 AMPosted by Assistance
11/08/2018 11:32 AMPosted by Ýðda
Getting rid of the 2 month grind that is required to unlock an allied race and there’s like 8 allied races so far. To hell with WoW till they get rid of this bullcrap.

More like two weeks; hyperbole doesn't help anything here. That said, they are reducing the time required in 8.1 - legion rep rewards will by twice as high, and there will be many more sources of honorbound/7th legion rep.

Not hyperbolic at all. For a new player, it will literally take months to reach their first allied race character.

Hyperbole is claiming that a player playing just a couple of hours a day can roll a throwaway character they never want to play, level it to max, hang around in Legion content doing irrelevant quests and grinding rep, then finally when they are permitted, roll that character and start the grind all over again.

Leveling will probably take a new player 90-120 hours without heirlooms, given that they don't know the fastest path to level and they don't know what the quests are actually asking them to do, so they'll have to find somebody to ask or look lots of stuff up.

At 3 hours a day that is indeed months. Literally. Expecting someone to play 24/7 until they reach that goal, stopping only to run out of world quests for rep and sit on their hands, is remarkably tone deaf.

If you look at the leveling xp changes, most levels did not get "40%" decrease required. A fair number have actually been increased, so the net is much smaller than that deceptive early released text would lead us to believe.

What would it take me to buy BfA, which I have not done? Flight would be a good start. But since there's no BfA content that sounds remotely appealing, it wouldn't be enough.
Mythic+ just aren't that fun anymore, they would have to fix that. Dungeons and raids are the only things that ever keep me subbed.
I'm going to preface this comment by saying I'm well aware that what I'd like to see will likely never happen, but here we go:

Non-Elf Demon Hunters, for starters. After a year of not buying but observing Legion and seeing that the reason for why Survival Hunter was changed to a melee specialization basically summed up to "because we felt like it", I decided to simply move away from the game rather than once more get attached to a class and/or specialization that can be changed on a whim. If I can play the class my specialization was destroyed for in order to sell the expansion, I can somewhat be okay with it.

Playable Ogres. They're long overdue. I can live without this one though, the previous condition is non-negotiable and I don't think it'll ever happen so I'm content to remain away from the game for the time being.
Artifact Weapons!

Not that I'm quitting.
11/08/2018 11:21 AMPosted by Trallyne
So for those who have cancelled (and there are a lot of you), what would it take to bring you back to WoW.

Use no more than two sentences. This makes you focus your thoughts and prevents rambling.

But honestly, what would WoW have to do to bring you back.


1) Bring back valour points.
2) Housing. I would love to see housing!

1) Blizzard returns to it's former integrity.
2) Activision is cut loose and never allowed back on Blizzard soil.
Gear. It should not be such a struggle. Doing warfronts three times and getting boots three times. Random sure. Infuriating yes.
I'm not really upset about anything, just not motivated to play right now... A new class would motivate :)
For live? Probably nothing. My sub runs out in a couple days, but I will resub once classic comes around.

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