For those quitting, what would bring you back?

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Pathfinder removed and new interesting races not being locked behind rep.

More of a focus on making the content we have fun enough to play through and not simply "do this thing that's not fun so that you can unlock this thing that could be fun" that's meant to drag out how long it takes before you're finally able to reach the reward that the game is suppose to offer simply because you bought it. Fun.

Because honestly, I already did that grind when I worked a job to earn the money to buy a game. I did the "do something you don't enjoy to get access to things that are fun". Grind at a job to buy a game to grind in the game like it's a job to unlock that neat new race that adds fun and flavor to your playtime?

I'm not talking "give meh free epix" I'm talking simply fun flavor stuff (like new races) and QoL perks (like flying) that simply make the game more enjoyable.

Flying is basically the only thing WoW has that other games don't. And other games compensate with instant travel to cut out a great deal of travel time. Because they focus on making things fun enough that you want to keep playing just because it's fun. You stay logged in because you're enjoying yourself. Not because you have to put in those work hours to unlock your fun. WoW isn't fun, wow feels like a job. I already have one of those and it pays better.

TL;DR: I'll resub when they focus on selling me a fun experience and not selling me the ability to work a second job to then unlock fun.
Flying is a solid one, it would at least add more time. The mission boards, either buff them or remove them completely from the game. Give me a reason to keep leveling my alts.

There has to be more than mythic+/raiding. Too little meaningful content for me.
Maybe classic.
for me, playable sethrak (or some other cool looking reptilian race) would help a lot. the fact that they haven't been deconfirmed is what's kept me playing for now, but things are starting to look pretty grim.

other than that, de-pruning would be a big deal for me, as well as an overhaul on the azerite system (though it's pretty clear that's not going to happen at this point in the game).
One word. Flying.
Being able to hide all items. I want to be naked and free.
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So for those who have cancelled (and there are a lot of you), what would it take to bring you back to WoW.

Use no more than two sentences. This makes you focus your thoughts and prevents rambling.

But honestly, what would WoW have to do to bring you back.


1) Bring back valour points.
2) Housing. I would love to see housing!

Better class design (Revert to MoP).
Vendors for PvP gearing.
Dedicated class devs.

Release when ready, not when Activision demands it.
Listen to your playerbase, THEY know better than you do.

Seperate from Activision and hire gamers again, stop with the corporate greed.
Nothing. I’m just too bored. I have a backlog of games I’ve put off for years. And between Red Dead 2 and Fallout 76, I’ve no time. Had a nice run. But it’s time to move on.
My sub ends on 11/10/2018.

For me to come back I think a reversal on most changes and revert back to a pre WOD schematic. I miss the PVE & PVP vendors. I miss the story being centered around questing and raids. I hate that some of the story in BFA & Legion was in mythic dungeons. I hate ILevel scaling in the world and I hate RNG gear especially in PVP. I was mostly happy pre WOD. I didn't mind legion too much it felt like a complete xpack but BFA just feels like patch with some annoying aspects. I also abhor how gutted the classes are now, WOW just feels like a hollow shell of its former self.
10 man raiding
Class Design fixed, as is WoW has some of the most boring, and unoriginal class design in the MMO Industry. Which is truly sad, sense they took what others had done and made it such a huge success exceeding all expectations.

One class design is fixed they need serious work done to balance, content, and story. As is I view WoW as a failure in pretty much all 4 of these categories.

I'm subbed for a couple more months, but I find it harder and harder to bring my self to log in, and from the lack of attention and effort on the Devs part. I'm not really seeing many reasons for me to resub when its up.
Flying at max level, not this months, and months of time gated pathfinder garbage.
Get rid of Pathfinder 2.0
Bring back Artifact Weapons
Abandon the faction war
I want Blizzard to make class design and balance the centerpiece of game development. And for the love of Yogg, remove Voidform.
Multiple ways to get rep. 1st dungeon, IE, BG of the day. Tabard. Anything besides spamming WQ. That’s what stops me from logging in. I can’t continue the story or unlock new dungeons and races without grinding WQs. So I just choose not to play at all.

Tokens and vendors (not random loot boxes) would help a lot too.
I just canceled my sub.

I would bring back the old loot system which is a big reason why I quit.

Shaman class designers from BC.

This game isn't very good. It hit me hard tonight when I realized I just log on my characters, stare at the screen trying to will my self to do something then just log off. The game sucks.
I have yet to quit since I just came back after quitting in wow. I would have to say though I'm not happy with the crappy professions. The scrapper should not be a thing. I feel like classes are to generalized now like it seems everyone can do everything. Guild identity seems null and void with all the crossrealm stuff. I miss gear that had sets pieces and don't like azurite system. Very disappointed with the WF/TF system along with the free gear that just seems to be handed out from WQ. THESE ARE ALL MY OPINIONS and is in NO WAY a shot at other people who like the these systems.
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You know unsubscribing means you can't post?

FWIW, I did unsubscribe for a short time, it was a friend who convinced me to give it another go.

It doesn't though. People who unsubscribe can continue to post in the forums and play the game until their gametime runs out.

Well, you haven't really unsubbed until game time runs out. But, in the end, most of those this question is directed to are probably playing Kerbal Space Program (that is what I play in lieu of WOW :-)

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