For those quitting, what would bring you back?

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11/08/2018 11:21 AMPosted by Trallyne
So for those who have cancelled (and there are a lot of you), what would it take to bring you back to WoW.
For me it's their miserable stance on flight.

Flight is good for the game and has been since they first put it in.

The insane and obnoxious time gating on flight is what made me unsub after the announcement flight won't be back until 8.2

If they were to bring it back in 8.1, I'd immediately stick my sub back to auto-resubscribe.

If they don't, i'll have to see how I'm feeling about their game feeling unfinished and inferior by the time it runs out. And maybe I'm just done.
11/08/2018 11:39 AMPosted by Trallyne
11/08/2018 11:36 AMPosted by Bangnfire
-M+ fixed

What do you mean "fixed"? Like "make something exciting," that is a very vague term when used in the context you used it in.

How exactly is M+ broken?

Simple, the trash mobs are a lot harder then basically 90% of all the bosses so changing that would make it better imo then fun mechanics would be nice, but not needed.
Remove arena. Fix AV so its not an Ally win map.
-Give us back some of our fun abilities (Hunter Eyes of the Beast PLEASE)

- We stop playing Duck Duck Goose with our warchiefs.
I’m not quitting in the foreseeable future, but I did just come back after being away for 3+ years. What drove me away was the constant grinding. I felt like time spent grinding far exceeded the time spent playing the content I wanted to play. There isn’t a feature that drove me away, just the grind.
I am here until January at least, but here we go:

1. Remove scaling and go back to letting us get powerful as we level.

2. New kinds of significantly cool rewards for playing out in the world. Housing? Cosmetic? Professions? Any or all?
Make it seem like we're important again. I'm the !@#$ing Farseer yet no one seems to give a damn anymore since Legion dropped.

Did getting rid of my Artifact give everyone Amnesia?
More stuff to do out in the world other than the same old WQ's over and over.

Such as: REAL treasure chests that aren't marked on the maps, and contain actual treasures such as thousands of gold, guaranteed upgrade gear, pets, mounts, etc.

Treasure chest idea: Takes time to hack one open, and then, time to collect the loot and stuff it into your pockets. During that time, anyone else can come along and start grabbing too.
PVP mode, you can kill the other collector and take all the stuff they got from the chest until it's emptied and despawns 30 seconds later.
Not necessarily going to quit yet, but if I do it will be because of Zandalari warlocks. I don't play warlock, but the way that was all handled was awful, and my close friend who was super excited for Zandalari warlock got super excited from Blizzcin, then super crushed by Blizz's error and "explanation" for why they can't be. And if they quit, I may quit too
11/08/2018 06:53 PMPosted by Gunome
Remove arena. Fix AV so its not an Ally win map.

Have you played AV lately?
I've quit before due to timegates. The moment those gates were removed was when I began thinking about coming back, and it didn't take long because, heck, I love the game.

Only time I suffer burnout is when I'm building up to content I want to see, and then I'm basically told 'You're going too fast - here's a wall'! Leaves a really bad taste in my mouth whenever it happens. I don't get the point of doing this - it just makes me want to quit and withhold monthly sub money until the content is actually fully released for play.

For others, as well - some people only have bursts of time to play. Sometimes it's just a weekend, sometimes it's a few days in the middle of the week. Sometimes it's just one entire day and that's it. The systems in place really put those players at a disadvantage. Things like grinding for rep can take months because the playtime they have doesn't allow for them to efficiently pop out for WQ's every 8 or so hours. People who play less than an hour a day can be ahead of someone who plays 8-10 hours on two days a week.

So... TL;DR: please don't timegate things, Blizz. It would be wonderful if you'd give us more ways to farm for rep - perhaps bring back rep gains from kills on bosses, or just on certain mobs. Anything that people can actually grind to control how fast or how slow they're progressing with reputations.
Removal of the Artifact systems.
Classes reverted to pre WoD.
Professions actually being useful.
Either old talent trees or glyphs returned.
Gem slots and reforging added in again.
Making the game fun to play because right now it just isn't.
-Class design in general. Specifically MM, shamans, Dh 3rd spec. Most classes seem unfinished. Don’t touch fury.
-class balance, utility and player specialisation. Long term but may be bring trees back? Too much cookie cutting and no personalisation. It is supposed to make balancing easy but then we don’t see balancing.
-rep grinding to unlock allied races. Let us do dungeons with tabards or hand in tokens.
-flying after 3 months.
-faction imbalance. You either make a 3rd faction or balance the two existing ones in many aspects. Alliance seems unfinished and a punching bag for horde to exist. Horde seems to be having a flashback to MoP. Leaderboards for Pve and PvP are clear. WM was supposed to be a key factor of BfA but it is a mess.
-Storytelling. I mainly play NE and after playing Warcraft 3 I’m not sure I’m playing in the same universe. Alliance and NE in particular just keep losing since Cata and they are in game just to take it. Seriously, you might like playing horde in your own time, but as developers you need to balance for your customers. Just make us Alliance bots. Alliance you are welcome.
-listen to players, class reps and class reviews etc. Players want to fly and high elves, what do you do? Grind and Void elves that you pulled out of your...
-Stop making the game a chore, especially with wq to get rep to unlock content (races). Let us choose how to play it!
7 days left. Started with ESO and GW2. No subscription needed. Very refreshing. Playing totalwar warhammer 2 and RDR2 to mix things up. The last blizzcon was a joke.
These five come to mind:

· More precise long-term goals and better progression in terms of gearing - more grinding, less randomness, ability to reach BiS over time.
· Old Conquest point system (and maybe even Valor) brought back.
· Changes to Azerite traits so they feel like tier bonuses instead of stat stick procs.
· Return of the 5.4 Holy Paladin playstyle.
· Decent writing that stops portraying the Alliance as victims and morons.

There are plenty of reasons why I haven't been playing much lately (mostly related to my first three points), but how my faction keeps being treated was the straw that broke the camel's back and led me and my friends to unsub. We are passionate about the Alliance, but it keeps being neglected, mocked and dragged through the mud while there's absolutely nothing we can do about it. We can't change this lousy writing by playing the game, so we might as well not play at all, right?

In any case, I'll be very surprised if we get to see any of these changes. WoW's target audience has certainly changed over the years and it looks the real problem here is I'm not part of it anymore.
For Blizzard to re-invest in WoW.
"You know what grinds my gears?"

- The RNG system is absolutely terrible. What's worse that running a M+ dungeon and getting crap gear that has worse stats than your current gear? Oh yeah! Not getting anything... which is what most people have to look forward to when running the M+ dungeons (with the exception of the weekly chest that usually has crap gear too). Who the hell thought this was a good idea?

- Flying has been around since Burning Crusade. At this point, is this really the only thing we have to look forward to with the release of an expansion? Grinding the pathfinder achievement and waiting for an update to drop on us? Again, who's the genius who thought of this crap?

- The WQ grind is at the point of wearing people down. It did the same in Legion. As so many have already declared, this is just too much of a chore with little to no reward.

- Get rid of the followers table. I really don't understand why this is still a part of the game. Extended game play maybe? IDK, but I feel it's really ridiculous and it serves no point to the game.

- An unbalanced PVP system (again, since vanilla). This has been one of my biggest gripes. PVP was always the best aspect in WOW, but since Vanilla, it seems that it's grossly unbalanced. At least warmode looked promising. Too bad it wasn't executed well.

- Like so many, I absolutely despise the Azerite gear and abilities. Just get rid of this all together, IMO.

- For the most part, professions are pointless. Alchemy and cooking are still worthwhile. And to some extent, enchanting. I really don't see the point in blacksmithing, leatherworking, etc. At least with tailoring, you can craft backpacks, but for the past couple of expansions, there hasn't been much of an upgrade... so why waste rare mats on creating something that isn't a noticeable upgrade?

- I would love to slap around the fool that decided to beef up the EXP grind for low level alts (even with heirlooms). I understand that if you roll a new toon, you want to learn the class/specs. However, the trash in the dungeons are over tuned, and the time invested makes this feel like more of a chore for someone who may only have a couple of hours to play per day.

- Blizzard/Activision obviously don't want to listen to their fan base or players any longer. There's an obvious disconnect and it's starting to resonate with the player base. The number of people that appear to be unsubbing this early into an expansion is not a good sign.

- I would say my biggest issue has to be related to the class imbalances. Since vanilla, the class imbalances have been an issue. With every expansion, we deal with the problem of classes being too overpowered or pathetically useless. I would expect for this to be one of the main priorities when any expansion is released, but I guess Ion and the dev team will never really figure this one out. After 14 years, I would hope they would have control on this and make all classes/specs a little more balanced than what they are, allowing users to play the classes and specs they want to play. This should honestly be considered a standard by now, but what do I know?

Fix the stuff above and I might consider resubbing.

** Something else I've always wanted to see in this game was a dynamic environment. This has been done with other MMO's in the past (Shadow Bane), and I've always felt that this would be the perfect game for this.
My sub runs out in 11 days. The following list would be a good start

1) Having a team of dev's that legitimately play and care about BOTH factions.

2) Actual, well fleshed out engaging content. Island expedtions.... warfronts... are you kidding me?

3) Flight not being time gated to the disgustingly, ridiculous amount that it is. Personally, I feel that it is downright petty and out of spite due to the backlash received in WoD.

4) Pruning of RNG. WAY too much of it has crept into the game since Legion.

5) Get rid of titanforging. It was fine in MoP since the item level increase was fairly minimal but it has gotten WAY out of control and is downright ridiculous.

6) Bring back reforging.

7) Bring back badge/emblem vendors for PvE gear.

8) Bring back honor/conquest vendors for PvP.

9) Balance range and melee in pvp. For several expansions, it feels like the proverbial pendulum has swung too far in favor of melee and stayed there.
-Melee can silence a caster with an interupt. There is not a caster equivalent of this (i.e. disarm).
-Basically every melee class is impossible to get away from. Far too many snares/slows that have a high percentage of uptime paired with multiple gap closers.

10) Make professions/crafting actually matter again.
Not a cancelled sub, but thinking about it.

> Professions need meaning
> Warforging/Titanforging is a lazy !@# system and needs to go
> GCD Changes reverted. I want my .5s Unholy GCD back.
> Token vendors. Like the old valor/honor vendors.
> It'd be nice if they made treasure chests more satisfying. More rare with better items dropped inside.
1) Improve alliance story or play
2) high elves
Sub ends in 5 days
1. Flying no time gate

2. Honor and conquest vendors

3. MoP level of class Class design

4. Two hand Frost dk

5. LESS RNG loot


7. Remove LFR

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