For those quitting, what would bring you back?

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11/08/2018 09:56 PMPosted by Peapöd
11/08/2018 11:21 AMPosted by Trallyne
So for those who have cancelled (and there are a lot of you), what would it take to bring you back to WoW.

I'm glad you asked, I have a list you know:

1.) Revert ALL the changes made to leveling in patch 7.3.5.
2.) Make Pathfinder part ONE the only thing we need to fly, and load up BfA flying next week.
3.) Make me queen of the Gnomes - QUEEN!
4.) Hire developers who's agenda is making their players happy, and who don't act like selfish d-bags.
5.) Make female Gnomes & humans cute again.
6.) Bring back artifacts and make them work in BfA. Just do it!!
7.) Revert ALL the changes they made to character classes in BfA. It was just fine the way we had it in Legion.
8.) Get rid of "personal loot" in dungeons. Its stupid, and I dont like mobs that drop no rewards. I want the kind of loot we had before they changed it.
9.) Get rid of Island Expeditions. They're stupid and nobody likes them so just burn them to the ground!
10.) Get rid of CRZ.
11.) Make ALL vanity items (mount, pet, toy, patterns) available to all players via questing, achievements, and/or reputation. DO NOT lock those things behind raids, mythic whatever, or PvP ever again!
12.) Bring back full screen mode!!
13.) Put effort into improving the server lag.
14.) Last but not least, revitalize the development team, and run ALL changes to the game past me - I have veto powers as QUEEN!
11/08/2018 11:43 AMPosted by Shamnotik
- PvP Gear should be as good as the max level PvE in PVP ( with a iLvL difference in blue/purple). Make PVP gear pointless in PvE, Idc... But I played for PVP not to run dungeons to feel (an artificial boost no less) a progression. But... "world quests... blah blah" No I want PVP, not world content, not raids, not dungeons.

I see similar comments a lot in the PVP forums about the gearing and it makes me sad - because we have something pretty close to this and so many people don't know about it.

People who have capped Conquest every week have gotten a full set of 355 gear and are now in the second week of 370 gear. By the time 8.1 comes out, we should be close to or starting a set of 385 gear. Granted the cutting edge mythic raiders will have a full set of 385 gear by then, and it would be better to be able to finish the 385 set rather than just start it by the time 8.1 comes out, but gear equivalent to having finished Normal raiding and being partly into Heroic raiding by now, and into Mythic by 8.1, is not that far from full equivalency to PVE gear.

I feel like if the Conquest system were just better publicized, battleground fans would have been quite happy; I know I have been, as have the others on the Battleground forums who have been working on the Conquest system since the start. Blizzard just needed to lay out from the beginning what piece - what choices - we'd get each week, so everyone would feel like they had something to progress toward.

As for world quests, on RP shards where the factions are balanced, world quests in war mode are the best possible PVP content. Blizzard just blew it by creating a system with a fundamental faction balance instability, and failing to address it until it had gotten way too extreme. To their credit, they are addressing it in 8.1; whether their solution actually works remains to be seen, but they do seem to want to solve this issue.
1. Blizzard separating from that cancer Activision
2. Blizzard re hiring all the staff that actually care about games and the players.
3. When Hell freezes over.

I remember the days when you had to wait longer for a Blizzard game but it was incredible when it finally arrived, Like when wow and its first couple of expansions arrived.
If not for the ability to pay for WoW with gold, I definitely would leave, and I don't think anything would cause me to return as the problems with WoW are systemic issues that I don't think Blizzard is capable of resolving. I don't think there will ever be a "WoW killer" because Blizzard will kill WoW, and whatever game overtakes WoW will not be the reason for it.
The changes I want aren't possible anymore, I'm done with PVP in this game permanently, but here's what they would have been:

1. Abolish the concept of PVP seasons; actually utilize the pvp talents, fix the glaring weaknesses, add in fun abilities.

2. Add back in 5v5 arena. Stop trying to balance the game on small scale, 3v3 pvp.

Bonus: Completely overhaul the PVP achievements and add in completely brand new ones.
MoP style game experience.
1. Revitalize the player development team, I miss my WW Monk utility.

2. Get off the treadmill, come up with something new. Give me the sense of accomplishment I had in BC.
I know you said only two, but mine would be:

1. Queue-able scenarios like they had in MoP.
2. Bring back PvP gear vendor.
3. Flying back to how it was pre-pathfinder junk.
4. Reverse global mob scaling.
5. Revert classes back to what they were in MoP
Complete de-prune and pre-legion class redesign. Also would like pvp servers again, I dont like how warmode split servers in half.
11/08/2018 11:44 AMPosted by Warstrike
1: remove dev team
2: get new dev team

Also this.
I feel vile for saying it, but I miss Ghostcrawler.
So, housing would be very tempting to come back most definitely. I've honestly been playing ESO because of it! I would really want things like Pathfinder to go away and revert back to buying flying with gold and no restrictions; remove the item level squish so you actually feel tough again, not die to 3-4 random raptor things (maybe its just my spriest) and not put so many gates on things like rep, ect
Not much, other than a total revamp of the game. BfA isn't fun. There's no incentive to be social, no community, no value to my actions, and it just feels like a waste of time. Character progression is non-existant, there's no community, my actions feel trivialized by multiple difficulty modes and a lack of content progression. I've done my dues in mythic raiding, but killing the same boss 4 times on 4 different modes starts feeling like bull!@#$ after a while. What RPG lets a player who doesn't learn the mechanics of a boss kill it for free, while another set of people is killing the same %^-*ing boss and it takes them up to 600 pulls? The content delivery system is broken. There is no way to express individuality in the current system. Either you're on the gear treadmill, or you're not, and within those two camps is just linear progression.

Skill and effort is being rewarded less and less, in favor of luck and wellfare systems. This expansion is the first expansion to give out Heroic raid level gear from both Warfronts and Calendar events. A player who invests nothing in the game can end up in absolutely incredible gear by doing !@#$ing nothing. If a player happens to que into the right content at the right time, and literally do nothing, sub 20% potential throughput, no use of utility, they could just be auto attacking, if they show up for enough of this trivial 100% completion rate content, they will be in full heroic level gear. It's just a matter of time, there's no ifs or questions about it.

So character power is now time gated instead of skill gated. Boss kills are given to players for free. Your average 120 alliance player doesn't even have interupt bound, and god help them if they need to CC a mob. Ninja pulling is rampant. Players are not learning how to be good at the game. There is never any tests of abilities during the leveling experience. It's trivial from 1 to 120, and then content comes along like mythic 0s and normal mode raiding and it smears these new players across the ground into paste because they're woefully undeprepared for the level of difficulty. These players then either quit because the dificulty curve is %^-*ing bull!@#$ for them, or they complain on the forums about the content being too hard. Tons of threads pop up about 'toxic players' when in reality, you really only get flamed if are negatively impacting other players runs. You know why you dont see flame in leveling dungeons? Because even remotely good players can outright solo them. That's why. I cannot count the sheer number of times I've qued into a dungeon with 4 windowlickers, and because of my ilvl or whatever metric blizzard uses to secure dungeon runs, I carry them to the win. In Legion I was reliably doing about 6 times the damage of a casual player, and it wasn't because they had bad gear, I was in ToS gear with Antoras out for ages. This skill gap carries all the way down, and it's a systemic problem. LFR plays a part, heroic dungeons and warfronts also play a part. It's no one feature. It's systemic design aimed to reward mediocrity by letting good players carry bad ones in most content. Blizzard absolutely balances your dungeons with some kind of ilvl or progression MMR value, if you arent pulling weight you are getting carried and you would never know it, because your contribution isn't even necissary for the run's success. Most heroic dungeons and now warfronts, can be soloed by a good player on specific specs, and duoed with one warm body and one good player. LFR needs between 0 and 4 compatent members per run, and outliers are fights like Gazer, Gul'dan, Archimonde, etc, where the second personal acountability comes into it, half the raid flops onto the ground.

The game isn't an RPG anymore, it honestly hasn't been in a while. The game is currently catering to the wrong audience, and sub numbers show it. The shift to accessibility has trivialized the feeling of progression you get once you finally don't have to deal with the hard bull%^-* anymore and have overcome a challenge.

Waiting on Classic.
I'm not quitting (yet), BUT, I really think they just need to dial back on trying to make WoW a completely new game with every xpac. It no longer feels like a proper MMORPG anymore. I'm not saying they need to make it like Classic, the game should evolve to an extent. But it's practically unrecognizable now.

1) Mob scaling is one of the worst things they've done to date and they really should get rid of it, like immediately.

2) Stop pruning classes! I'm thinking they keep doing this to make balancing easier, but it's ruining players' enjoyment. Who actually likes mindlessly hitting 3 buttons over and over? (mobile gamers? ...ahem)

3) End timegating and allow the players who want to grind it out, grind it out.

4) Stop killing server communities with CRZs, sharding, phasing, or whatever they're doing to keep the game feeling like sub numbers haven't dropped drastically. If someone isn't on my server, I don't wanna see them outside of a group, dungeon, or raid.

5) Hire devs who actually want to play the game. If they're not enjoying it, why would we?
Flying bought at max level again.
Rep grinds for allied races reduced a bit. Not a ton, just...a bit. They're a bit bloody tedious after a while.
More complexity back in classes. I miss actually choosing talent trees, mixing and matching, trying out alternatives to the cookie cutter. Rift is amazing at this.
Reverting the unneeded 7.3.5 changes. They're adjusting XP needed per level, and that's a start, but until they restore heirlooms to power and drop legacy dungeon boss HP back to what it was, none of it matters, because you'll still ONLY have zone questing as your leveling method.

I'll come back when dungeon chaining does.
11/08/2018 11:27 AMPosted by Rulg
Flying immediately upon hitting max level.

Badges and/or Honor Points to buy tier and pvp gear.

^^^ This...flying available for purchase (not just given)...but this!!!
Pre cata world of Warcraft would have me quitting everything else in life to come back.
11/08/2018 11:32 AMPosted by Zeropointt
Faction balance.

Faction balance...alliance had the upper hand the past 12 years or so. The moment horde finally gets attention and start winning and outnumbering alliance you guys start nerd raging, flip tables, and unsub.

Tis' a good time to be horde as it always has been.

11/08/2018 11:37 AMPosted by Trallyne
11/08/2018 11:30 AMPosted by Infexshun
Doesnt matter. They have all the feedback and chose to ignore it. Nothing will bring anyone back because nothing is gonna change.

If nothing is going to change, why did they just nerf leveling xp requirements.

There is hope.

Hope may be beaten to a bloody pulp and dying in a back ally somewhere on Purge Night, but it's still there.

Crap, did this suddenly become a Purge planet? ARE WE ON A PURGE PLANET AND NO ONE TOLD ME?!

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