Please Rename Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook is a terrible name for this ability, considering I can't Grapple up even the smallest of things. I used to be able to Grapple back up onto small ledges that I accidentally had fallen off of, but now I'm just screwed if I fall off of even a 3 foot ledge. Sure I can use it to Grapple forward on flat terrain, Big whoop. Why bother even making this ability? It's infuriating to be looking at a ledge that is at HEAD HEIGHT TO MY CHARACTER yet be UNABLE TO GRAPPLING HOOK UP ONTO THAT SMALL LEDGE! And its everywhere, not just in certain places. Just give Outlaw rogue Shadowstep because at least if there's an NPC on the upper ledge I can SOMETIMES use Shadowstep on them to get back up the ledge.... SOMETIMES. But thats better than NEVER being able to with GRAPPLING HOOK! Grappling Hook used to be such a nice Quality of Life ability that saved me time moving around, and helped correct mistakes such as falling off small cliffs. Now its just useful to travel 40 yds on flat terrain.
I find it buggy at times, but im able to climb walls with it
not sure how you're using it, are you zoomed in too much?
Never use it. Have too much other on my action bar.
When is blizzard going to finally add a glyph where we dab on hooked location.
GH is a poor version of heroic leap!
I always find that I can't go where I would! I always took warnings of way unavailable!
I can not jump 5 meters, between a simple pit!

11/09/2018 12:27 PMPosted by Ikrix
useful to travel 40 yds on flat terrain

Very stupid!

And because of this, I hardly remember what we have that ability,!
Yes it needs to be able to work going upwards or over cliffs

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