When will Blizzard address faction imbalance?

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11/09/2018 02:23 PMPosted by Äbël

I rolled horde 14 years ago because they were the underdogs.

Horde have never been the underdogs in World of Warcraft. I've been playing the game for almost as long as you and I don't recall a point in the games history where it wasn't Horde dominated.
Why does there have to be balance and fairness?
The population it self isn't as lopsided as some would make you believe so fraction balance as far as numbers isn't the issue. Horde is and always has been top end heavy the amount of people doing and succeeding in top end content has always been leaned towards the side of horde. The difference was Alliance at one point had some of the top end you know that guild and their names guilds on their side. However that was a small few. Horde may not have had as many household guilds but they always had more top end then alliance. They were for the most part all equally matched and didn't stand out as dominantly as some of the alliance guilds did. The problem came that when those "name brand" guilds left to alliance the gap between top 5 and the next was a huge gap that no one really filled. So the horde now already had that steady stream of top end raider and pvpers and now those household guilds that were once alliance are sporting horde leaving horde with not only the best of the best but also enough guilds to round out after the top 5 without a huge gap in between.
Just reroll horde. Faster you do it the better the QOL is in this game.
yes they should force sides on everyone. i agree...
11/12/2018 09:55 AMPosted by Annanobis
Why does there have to be balance and fairness?

Would you be asking that same question if you mained Alliance? I doubt it.
Warmode: changes are coming that will give better rewards for the minority faction to encourage more participation. Easy to fix, just keep increasing rewards until faction balance is achieved.
11/09/2018 02:41 PMPosted by Mokrae
Population number is very balanced, devs never said the population is balanced around Mythic raids or rated arena.

Alliance have more roleplayer.

Alliance being the faction of RP and solo farming mogs from old content seems pretty bad, alot of people who do bother of those also like doing endgame pve and pvp.

Alliance had more players till belfs, then they had more pvpers because of the human racial. They nerfed ally racials and everyone slowly went horde, they should add high elves to the alliance to try and get belf players back to the alliance, I played alliance to raid in vanilla and I swapped to horde in TBC because over half the guild wanted to be an elf.

Really adding more elves to the alliance would help alot, just put high elves on the alliance and give them the pre nerf arcane torrent, making them the best race for M+ by default.

But that would require blizzard to care about the faction imbalance, and blizzard has shown time and time again they just don't care how we feel.
LOL at the kids who are saying that they cant clear Mythic 10s simply because a faction imbalance. Ever think you're just not that good?

Also, its already been noted that some racials are being looked at (horde ones).
To be fair the only way to get rid of the faction imbalance is to give Alliance perks just as good as horde, but sadly that won't happen. Give them cool mounts, more horses really? Give people a reason to want to play the faction, right now there's no incentive to play Alliance over horde unless you look at it from a lore aspect.

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