Elemental Shaman Identity Crisis

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I love Ele to death, but recently it's been impossible to discover what our "new" spec identity is suppose to be. Can anyone pinpoint why you'd ever want a shaman over something like a Mage or Warlock.

Elemental has always been a high mobility caster, yet has been turned into another turret caster with nothing special going for it besides for it being "the only lightning caster". Even taking the lightning caster philosophy, LB hits for the same damage as a melee auto attack.
Since when was Ele high mobility?
11/11/2018 12:46 AMPosted by Myras
Since when was Ele high mobility?

Since Elemental was the first ranged dps in the game (or at least in the game from Cata onward) to be able to dps while moving at no statistically meaningful dps loss.

At the time, Hunters had lost Mana and Wrath design. I don't know what pre-Cata Hunters were like.

- Hunters had to use Aspect of the Fox at a substantial dps cost over Aspect of the Hawk.
- Scorch is a big dps drop from Fireball. Frost and Arcane had nothing.
- Lunar Shower stacks on Boomkin DOTs were a dps loss over immobile fillers.
- Warlocks had nothing at the time.
- Shadow Priests have never had anything.

So Elemental Shaman was the first, since the Lightning Bolt glyph was only a 5% cast speed loss on Lightning Bolt, such an inconsequential dps cost that it was a dps gain on every boss at the time (Dragon Soul by the way) except Ultraxion.

Little bit of a history lesson on Elemental Shaman having it be their special thing first.

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