LF Mythic Guild (Pally/Lock/Rogue)

Hello Barthilas,

I’m currently playing as a Ret Pally main, but since my guild has decided to “retire” I’m looking for a new group to run with.

On my Ret I’m 8/8 Heroic and 1/8M. BFA is my first time raiding since Cata and I’ve been having a blast. I think I’m ready to attempt the mythic scene, though I don’t have any real experience there.

I play around 18 hours a week (primarily during weeknights) and stay up to date with the game through class discords, wowhead, and other sources. I know how to come to a fight prepared with fight mechanics and in game consumables, and can handle criticism. I have a lot to learn about the mythic scene but I believe I could do well given the chance.

I think a guild early in Mythic progression (between 2-4/8) would probably be a good fit for me, or a guild that is recently AOTC and is looking to progress into mythic.

I am available to raid from 7:30st - 10:30st every weekday, but can’t raid on weekends. My raid times are (unfortunately) strict though, and I need a guild that doesn’t require players to play later/earlier than the set times (due to work and family).

My main is ret, but as I transition I’m considering changing roles/class. My order of preference is:

1. Aff Lock (352ilvl)
2. Ret (374ilvl)
3. Holy Paladin (369ilvl)
4. Rogue (340ish ilvl)

Please drop a comment if you feel like I might be a good fit for your guild or have any questions I can answer.
Hey Razael,

I have a guild on Barth Horde- progression 8/8H 2/8M.

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Add me on bnet: kira980#6175 if you are interested for a chat

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