[A-RP] Kal'Serrar is now Recruiting

Wyrmrest Accord
[[Temporary Recruitment : 7 SLOTS OPEN]]
Kalimdor offensive RP guild.

Are you tired of being a side character? Feel like you’re only a number or just a spectator?
Is your character disgusted with the Horde’s action? Do they think the Horde monsters, a band of marauding thieves, or a disease upon Azeroth? Do they yearn to take action, fight back, and reclaim Kalimdor?

Join Kal'Serrar!

We’re a guild going strong for several months now, and have completed four story campaigns! So far, the brave adventurers of Kal’Serrar have dismantled an Azerite siege engine factory in Azshara, fought tirelessly through the War of Thorns, destroyed an Azerite mine in the sands of Silithus, and hunted a Cenarion artifact long-lost in the cursed lands of Drustvar! They’ve clashed steel against naga, Old God minions, witches, and, of course, the fiends of the Horde disease. The battles have been hard-fought, but they have thus far risen triumphant!

We are opening recruitment to fill slots for our upcoming campaign, which will likely be in Stonetalon Mountains! We have eight open slots that we want to fill with active, friendly, and talented RPers!

If you have any questions or are interested in joining, you can contact Margö, Consagar, Feylara, or Kleafwhistle in-game!

Otherwise you can reach the officers on Discord at
Consagar: Abyis#6379
Margo: Moe#9145

Margo can be reached by Btag at Moe#1898



Q: What does Kal’Serrar mean?
A: It is Darnassian for Blade of the Stars!

Q: What kind of guild are you?
A: We are a heavy RP guild with kaldorei themes! Our plot focuses on the faction war in Kalimdor, but we do venture out and explore other themes and plots.

Q:Is there a race requirement or are certain classes excluded from your guild?
A: Anyone willing to fight the Horde is welcome! That said, those of arcane or darker magics can expect to be treated with IC prejudice.

Q: So you’re not a furry guild?
A: Nope! We’re a kaldorei-themed guild! However, many of our members are worgen whose characters align more with kaldorei themes and plots than those of more Gilnean-focused guilds.

Q: Can you tell me more about the guild’s central plot?
A: Our characters are a group of people with a deep love for Kalimdor and fed up with the pacifist ways of the Alliance. They believe the Horde, particularly Sylvanas and her new Scourge - the Forsaken-, is a disease upon Azeroth, and they wish to be the cure. No longer will we sit back and wait to defend against the Horde, we are attacking their territory and reclaiming our stolen land!

Q: What do you expect from your members?
A: We expect fair and quality roleplay from the members of the guild. OOC drama is not the cost of RP. You will be removed from the guild if we believe you are causing problems. As for activity, we value our players, and an empty guild isn't something they want to see, so we ask that all of our members remain active in the community.

Q: How big of a guild are you?
A: We are e a close-knit community! We're small and want to stay that way! Maybe two to three dozen players, with an emphasis on activity!

Q: How active is your guild?
A: We are very active! Outside unforeseen circumstances, we host two to three events per week! Typically, there's a main plot event, a night where our alts hang out together, and casual RP night for our main characters.

Q: So… you’re sure you’re not a furry guild?
A: Look, we just happen to appeal to a lot of worgen, since they can’t get in with other Kalimdor guilds that are night-elf exclusive.

Q: Does your guild require an interview?
A: Yes! Our interview has two parts: OOC and IC. The first part involves us going over our core guild rules with you and asking a few questions about your RP. The second involves a small RP interaction. Doing either does not guarantee admittance into the guild.

Q: Do you use a combat system for RP events?
A: Yes! We use a simplified D&D inspired system created by the GMs and officers. You gain EXP from events and you can build your character however you like by placing the points you gain from leveling up into your preferred stats such as melee expertise, spell expertise, etc.

Q: Do you have a raid team?
A: We've been asked this a lot, and no, we do not. We are an RP guild first and foremost and RP will always be the priority.

Q: Do you do any PvP?
A: We used to, but after Battle for Azeroth launched, we haven’t had the best of luck (maybe if Alliance would focus the healers that’d be different). So, we’ve stepped away from our PvP events.

Q: I still think you’re a furry guild.
A: That’s not a question, but… Getting the “Classy Worgen” achievement doesn’t make us a furry guild, even if it’s our only achievement like- Oh God…

What are the normal hours for your events?
Casual events all throughout the week, plot events every Friday at 6 pm!

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