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I could not think of a better title for this post. Disclaimer: incoming rant! I have been a long time WoW player, I started playing in BC, and I truly do love this game and I have loads of fantastic memories playing it. But BFA has done something to me no other expansion could do, and that is to cause me to not enjoy myself while I'm online. For me personally, I could forgive the azerite armor fiasco, the boring repetitiveness of world quests, but I cannot find myself wanting to log in because my class is not fun to play.

There are dozens upon dozens of threads specifically about retribution and holy paladins, so I'm not going to cover what I believe to be all the issues, as those threads are allllll visible, just waiting for someone or anyone at blizzard to take a look. What I am here to talk about is the inequality between specs and how absolutely frustrated I am just trying to get through my preferred content (which is raiding and mythic +).

The example I'm going to use is none other than Havoc Demon Hunters. This is mind boggling to me. As a demon hunter you have access to so many tools, and you are useful in all forms of content, and all the while you are just literally !@#$ting damage. Damage just shoots out of you as if you have "BIG DEEPS AURA" on at all times. So here's my gripe! My niche when I'm playing Retribution is "single target damage". How is it that other classes can do just as much single target damage, and absolutely destroy my aoe damage? And nevermind cleave damage, 'cause I don't have any! "But wait Sarg, you can BoP the peoples and you can use the words of glory!" What does that matter when a demon hunter can nonchalantly jump into the fray, aoe stun, and then spew fel on everything til it's dead?

I'm just beyond frustrated, oh, and do not even get me started on how I feel about Holy, which is my main spec. Because if I start getting into how I feel about that spec, this thread will have to be deleted.

So the point is, now that my specs are absolutely bare bones and play as if a 16 year old high school intern designed them...what's the point? Why not just shelve my decade of work on this class and play Havoc, which is clearly a fully-functioning spec that also performs well? I mean Blizzard, at this point, how loyal do you expect your fans to be? And this is just my point of view as a Paladin. Never mind the several other specs that desperately need a re-work.

At the risk of sounding dramatic, this is an absolute effing disaster.

I could go on and on and on about this! I just don't understand how you possibly could have thought class design as it is was alright enough to ship with the expansion.


Yeah I agree, ret does feel sluggish when trying to get through the content. Mainly because there is no way to kill multiple targets fast. ST'ing each target with occasional DS feels sluggish. Wish there was AoE rotation, or AoE talent build.
11/11/2018 05:59 PMPosted by Sargis
Why not just shelve my decade of work on this class and play Havoc

You know. Because DHs only have one expansion in their pruning history and all other classes have been pruned 3 times in a row.
It's across the board with few exceptions. In some cases they've split core abilities between three specs, AND PvP talents, meaning where those important abilities aren't removed by being given to a different spec (or class) they are often shoe horned into a PvP ability which isn't even playable in instances etc.

The worst is many quality of life fixes to standard abilities are actually in the PvP talents... which beggars belief.

Or the more rewarding aspects of core abilities are azerite talents....

It's honestly just unbelievably bad and shows they have no idea what they are doing, beyond trying to make classes as one dimensional as possible so they can easily balance/make changes. Which they've totally failed to do anyway...
I just want to say, if I had things entirely my way I would keep the outliers (dh's, rogues, mages, etc.) exactly as they are. What I would do is bring everyone else up to those levels both damage-wise and "fun"-wise. Ultimately though, something needs to happen. Blizzard is close to driving me away. ME, someone who has played this game for over a decade, I mean, I played through WOD ffs.

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