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<Eleven> will be a hard core focused PvE raiding guild.

  • To clear all content efficiently and quickly
  • To have fun
  • To be the best we can be
  • To clear MC during week 2
  • -

    raid times will be held in GMT+9, this is Japan's time zone for reference, this does NOT follow day light savings. for reference, at this moment these times would be 11:30 in Sydney, and 7:30AM EST USA.
  • MON 9:30PM-12:30AM
  • WED 9:30PM-12:30AM
  • THUR 9:30PM-12:30AM
  • -may schedule a 4th day during progression if needed-
    20 man raids will be help on off days, or raid days if all content has been cleared.

    again to be clear, this schedule will not follow DSL, so your start time may move 1 hour forward or backwards during the year.

    I want my raiders to be willing. You do not have to be a former pro raider, you do not have to have vanilla experience. While these things are welcomed and I do share these qualities. All i need from you is the willingness to learn and become better. Give me your best and I'll give you quality leadership that has proven time and time again to down bosses and push through content. Effort will always be rewarded.

    I will be using my own system style of loot council. It has worked well for me in the past and I will continue to use it. I can explain parts of it in detail on discord if you wish.

    This is a brand new endeavor, I will be main tanking and I am looking for others to help me push this to a competent raid team. I look forward to making fresh connections and creating great bonds with all of you.

    I have been playing warcraft since vanilla. I climbed higher and higher into better and better guilds until I eventually landed in a top 10 US guild during MoP. before WOD released I essentially stopped hardcore raiding and went more casual. I am now looking to get back into a more hardcore scene with like minded individuals who enjoy the prestige of completing content quickly.



    the discord has lots of links to video guides and other sources to help get you ready for classic
    looking for people ready to start in a brand new adventure. going all vanilla like, 60+ strangers banding together to achieve a common goal while creating lasting bonds along the way.
    You're going to be GL, RL, MT and Loot distributer all at the same time? Have you ever tanked before? Have you ever been a raid leader before?
    11/13/2018 07:31 PMPosted by Apropos
    You're going to be GL, RL, MT and Loot distributer all at the same time? Have you ever tanked before? Have you ever been a raid leader before?

    yes, ive been all of these things at the same time before. Ive never felt over whelmed by it. I have officers who will help me when I need it, like if im offline or something.

    as far as loot goes, its pretty easy to give ML to an officer and he can link while I go tank trash and we discuss.
    gotta stay determined, this is a very rare raid time to fill up!

    need dedicated individuals ready to kick !@# in classic.
    If only the raid times were two hours later. Would have been perfect.
    I will be in a different guild, but will actually be available to raid with you if you're open to that, I work from home and am in EST so I'll be available fairly reliably from 8am on.
    Wanted to add: I'd be cool with being bottom of the loot table, would be happy getting to /roll on Boss/double drops and getting rep in the meantime.

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