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I don't know about most people in this "ILvl is King" meta, but I still enjoy farming dungeons for gear, even at the mythic+ level.

Take for instance, I have been squeezing into any and all +4 or higher Tol Dagor runs I can for a chance at a second warglaive. And while I know the loot casino at the end has not been in my favor, nor has Raider.IO, (that another cluster @#$& all in itself) I do know it will eventually drop for me.

But what about this as, at least, something to promote the target farming, as well as getting people to do more than just doing thier one +10 for the week and waiting for loot.

What if your weekly cache only dropped items from the loot tables of instanced content you actually ran?

You would still have to deal with the loot casino that is the weekly cache, but by targeting which dungeons you wanted loot from, you are closing the gap of how wide that table is.
It's a good idea on paper, but a nightmare when implemented as for a lot of people at higher Ilvls that means you would NEVER run certain dungeons, due to having poor itemization on pieces. I would be stuck in an endless TD/SoTS farm each week; hyper pass!

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