Removed from island and got deserter debuff

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I got removed from a heroic island expedition, like they kicked me or something, and I got the 30 minute deserter debuff? Did they kick me and I get the deserter accidentally, or do you just get deserter if 2 ppl decide they dont like you?
You were off soloing, weren't you?
11/13/2018 11:11 PMPosted by Walburgha
You were off soloing, weren't you?

Nope, fighting rares with a dps demon hunters
Remember Blizzard policy is to protect the jerks who play this game.
i got kicked from a normal dungeon in the haunted house (forgot the name) for not knowing the right way and pulled 1 extra mob as a tank. i made a joke by saying i am bringing friends with me.

i did not get deserter, however i did have the 15 minute re-queue timer but i was at like 1 minute and 30 seconds left when i was kicked. we were halfway through when i got kicked.

i requeued and got in within a second. That 2nd dungeon run was quite fun with nice people.

if you get kicked, dont take it personally. i have been playing for over 10 years and have gotten kicked maybe 3 or 4 times total. sometimes you just get grouped with a jerk, and some people see a kick box and hit yes, no matter what. I have seen groups bring up a kick box because the tank was too slow or too fast. whatever reason. dont take it personally

i have also seen players just stand there hoping to get kicked because they didnt get the dungeon they wanted. i think that is part of the reason why kickees get the deserter too.
11/15/2018 05:00 AMPosted by Inviscerate
Remember Blizzard policy is to protect the jerks who play this game.
It goes both ways. Stop being melodramatic.
It’s unfortunate that you were kicked but it’s working as intended. Trolls/bads outnumber “innocent victims.”

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