Looking for mythic raid/dungeon guild.

Hey I'm DH at 380 ilvl currently looking for a guild who does high level content. I'm currently 1300 raider io and would like to be in a guild who I can consistently do high keys with a party I know who is capable of achieving it. I don't raid consistently because I generally just pug and hope for the best. I would like to progress pass mythic mother because I know with the time invested I could achieve this. I don't want to just join any guild, I don't want to be the type that jumps guild because I feel they are better, I would like a guild with a good rep that I can trust. I'm not saying I'm a professional but I have invested a lot of hours to become a more competent player.

P.S The guild that I'm in is a real life friend guild but because they have family and all they cannot invest the same hours I do. So now I need to broaden my horizons. I spend most of my times pushing keys.

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