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What is causing the in game lag?
I've noticed it too. Entire zones. Might have been the entire bfa area for all I know. I go to stormwind and do other crap for a bit and it goes away. Grouping with oceanic players does it too. They need to fix that or shard us differently.
I thought it was just me. Started about ten or fifteen minutes ago.
10/07/2018 12:23 PMPosted by Ayypapi
What is causing the in game lag?

Never experience it personally. You should diagnose your network connection and make sure you're not phasing into Oceanic or Latin American realms.
My simple test. My wife is in the same room as me and is leveling in panda land. She has 65ms while I have 200+(actually 600+ he other day) in bfa zones sometimes.
When I closed wow to reboot o noticed that app home page thing has a video streaming on it. Perhaps that's part of the problem.
Forums lagging. Even dungeons are lagging.

It's not just BFA because i'm in a Legion dungeon right now.
Been trying to replay the worgen intro and Gilneas has been having a crapfest of latency.
Happening to me too. Was really bad in Boralus, seemed okay in Ironforge and Stormwind but I'm in Icecrown Citadel right now and it lagged out as I was killing Precious, stalled for 5-10 minutes and then disconnected me. No issues with anything else including downloading and running WinMTR. Go figure.

Interestingly the new Guild pane ingame won't load for me but the old one loads just fine, I can see who is online through the old interface but not the new. I know I killed Precious because I got the yell text about his death. Can't loot him as he is still standing there all mean looking, can't loot the behemoth next to him...
Happens to me too, anywhere in the world, even when I am leveling. Suddenly I'll get a few hundred ms in latency and start having input delay. The more I dig into the problem the more I figure I'm not the only one.
I just logged in, at about 7:30pm my time, been noticing a lot of lag, anywhere from a .5 - 2 sec lag between shifting from bear to regular form. In dungeons, and open world. Pretty annoying.
Was out herbing and clicking herbs was fine and got the bar then its a delay to get the actual herb. Very annoying and happens quite a bit randomly. 26/27ms. Sitting in Boralus it jumped to 46/42ms.

On Gilneas/Elune

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