If you were raised as forsaken, how would it change your life?

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it wouldn't...I should've been born a Forsaken
Continue my life in solitude as is, wouldn't have to worry a lot about finances as i dont need to eat or feel anything.
10/07/2018 05:40 PMPosted by Cindariel
I would be dead.

Seriously tho, I would go rogue and cut off all ties with the people I know.

But...you already ARE a rogue!
10/07/2018 05:38 PMPosted by Drusillia
I've been thinking about this.

I mean, everyone who is raised as forsaken seems to react differently. Many of the forsaken seem to lose some of the emotional attachment that they had when they were alive. However, they do still have enough attachment left that they do care about their living families and such.

I would imagine that just losing some of the basic "needs" of life would probably change my outlook. For example, never being able to "taste" food or have any kind of pleasure in life would make me less likely to care for material wealth - since what is the point? Being ageless and undead would make me not really care about my health.

Because of not needing to eat, drink, or sleep, I would become less dependent on society in general and it would probably make me lose interest in socializing. As a result, I probably would not care about personal hygene or cleaning.

Although I would probably still care about my living family, based on the lore, it seems that many of the living do not accept the dead and break off all ties.

So what would I do with my time (assuming we are in between wars at the moment and Sylvannas isn't burning trees)?

I think I would probably find myself an old library and spend my existence sitting there and just reading every book. Maybe I would spend my existence recording history as it unfolded around me (kind of like that one character from the Dragon Lance series - I forgot his name). Maybe I would spend my time trying to collect old relics in order to preserve history. Maybe I might do medical research to try to help the living - even if they are not aware of my existence.

So what would you guys do?

It wouldn't I eat and !@#$ dead @@@%*!#%* right now and I'm alive, if I was forsaken I'd fo the same.
Since I would be dead, dont have the internet and I wouldn't need to sleep or eat I would devote myself to being a public nuisance. I would have folk tales written about me doing weird things like stealing all the farmers pumpkins in westfall for 3 days only for them to be put back neatly. I would kick down doors and leave things instead of stealing. I would leave random treasure hunt clues that lead to nowhere. Really I would just be a minor confusing terror for one small town until the next world threat arrived.
I remember a vampire LARP that pondered this question. It was a time when nihilism seemed to become a dominant theme in games.

As you played, significant events would get you monster points. Monster points were indelible, or nearly so.

As you gained monster points you would lose your humanity until you passed the point of no return and became little more than an animal, with hunger as your sole motivation and no will to resist it. At that point you were pretty much doomed.

The overall idea was to address the monotony of immortality, and the psychological effects of having to feed from human beings while living side by side with them.
If I actually had free will, I'd start killing as many other Undead around me as I could immediately, before killing myself again. But, since you said Forsaken, I almost certainly would not have free will.

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