How much money have you spent on WoW.

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I would say at least $800 .. but have not spent any since legion and don't need to for at least 5 more years .
Just gonna drop an "lol" in here because subbed for most of the time since 2005, multiple realm transfers, faction changes, character boosts, mounts, pets. One trip to Blizzcon in 2008 if you care to count that. I regret nothing.
One MILLION dollars!
10/09/2018 06:53 PMPosted by Blackmanirl
mind ya bsnz

Satan eats CHEEZ WIZ
A little more than I spent on my last set of golf clubs and I've been playing WoW and golfing for more than a decade so I consider it money well-spent.
Somewhere around $4,000
Probably enough to buy a brand new gaming top of the end computer and laptop as well.
10/09/2018 07:01 PMPosted by Miriel
A lot since November 2004.

Characters transferred to a new account in 2005, All characters changed to Horde in 2009, 5 accounts, all pets and mounts, boosts, and anything else I want or need.

I don't drink, smoke or go out at all, (Vegan, Health conscious, Asocial Writer...) So WoW, when I'm not writing, is my escape. Spending money on something I love isn't an issue.

Edit: Collectors Box editions since Wrath, as well. :) And toys, monopoly game, TCG cards, steins, Blizzcon tickets and loot boxes.

Are we counting Overwatch and Diablo?
Ofcourse a vegans gotta let everyone know they're a vegan haha
Just monthly. Not dumb enough to buy from store. after the thing with flying mount and two weeks later no fly. after that common sense told you not to buy.
10/09/2018 06:52 PMPosted by Shumaizilla
Sub+game services mounts etc.
Since day 1

Enough to buy a car. Less than I have spent on coffee in the same 13 year time period.
Seems like a lot of WoW players are on disablilty and/or welfare. So as a life long tax payer, you’re welcome.
I would guess 2-3k, but it was totally worth it.
Not as much as I have on war thunder.

Then again activision er blizzard seems to be continuously pushing for more f2p features to want to get people to buy tokens so it might end up surpassing it.
Current account, $1440, not including BlizzCon VTs.
more than i'm willing to admit.
Compared to alcohol, eating out, movies, travel? Much less
Daam yall Savage as f
I'd be afraid to see. In all likelihood somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-7K. I've done a lot of transfers over the years and buy tokens sometimes. It's a good thing that I only have one account.
I'd rather not say... It hurts to think about it. But I can say they won't be getting any more besides Xpac and sub Fees from me.

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