Sucks not having dedicated team mates

LFG is infuriating. People not playing with comms, random lucky dip of skill, latency and ilvl...

Tanked from 1727 to 1570 so far....

It hurrrtts... noone i know PvP's in this game. All are PvE players only.
If u want dedicated team you first have to be dedicated yourself. Can't go both ways. It starts by treating your team like a job which you have to show at specific hours in the day and leave notice ahead if u won't be around so they can plan ahead their time.

Consistency and reliability are the first things, then comes the attitude and finally it comes the experience. You'll hit a wall with your team just at what MMR and then you'll see how loyal they are either to the team or to push whatever higher rating with the next best carry that comes until that too is finished and repeat the same process.

Blizzard lost a lot of $ for making this game feel like a job both for PvP and raiding. There are many out there who simply want to log in at their choosing, whatever time they are in the mood for gaming and simply pursue goals, goals that the game is lacking.
Sorry to be that guy, but maybe it is you. Every one of your forum posts leads me to believe you are not the type of person I would enjoy associating with. Maybe chill out and be nicer. Idk though, I have a pretty small brain.
Didnt u make an I'm quitting post not long ago?
Mercader what happen to that forum post 2 weeks ago???

''Bla bla bla you're all so toxic on the arena forums, this is my last forum post you're all bullies bla bla bla''

Y u no keep your word???????????
I genuinely can't tell if you're serious or not.
10/13/2018 04:19 AMPosted by Fadingtwo
I genuinely can't tell if you're serious or not.

I think he seriously tanked to 1500 as a rogue.

That being said OP, you barely have over 100 games played. Edit: not even 100 in 3s

Q up. Stop crying.
You don't need a team to climb rating, end of story. I've improved more from playing with pugs nonstop this season (1300+ games played now) than any previous season where I ALWAYS only played with 2 buddies. You learn comps, better strats, you focus on your own ability to close out games etc.
I have an Alliance SPriest as well as this Horde one if you want to run RPS. I'm around 1500 on him, 2k last season and 1800 this season.

Assass rogues can be below 2k?
10/13/2018 07:58 AMPosted by Abruof
Assass rogues can be below 2k?

they ate a big 6% nerf last week

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