(H) Fossils of War

Runetotem and Uther
Fossils of War is a mature raiding guild on Horde. We don't raid a hardcore schedule, but do expect you to play your class well enough to hold your own in heroic encounters and eventually mythic. We log every raid on warcraftlogs, so feel free to check out what our players are performing like. We are a discord guild, and we raid Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30 server until usually around 11:00 server. Attendance is key to success and with our schedule only being two nights a week, we expect you to make a majority of these scheduled raids.

- Openings -
Nothing currently, but skilled players will always be considered.

- Current Progression -
Taloc - M
Fetid Devourer - H
Zek'voz - H
Vectis - H
Zul - H
Mythrax - H
G'huun - H
bump for 2/8M

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