[H] <Goomz> 2-Night 7/8H Guild LFM!

Hi folks, I'll keep this short and sweet.

Who we are:
<Goomz> is a group of guys and girls who enjoy clearing Heroic content on raid nights, and doing plenty of Mythic+/Arena on other nights. We're a fun community that's very welcoming.

When we raid:
• Sunday Heroic: 7-10pm Server Time
• Monday Heroic: 7:30-10:30pm Server Time
• Tuesday Casual/Alt Normal: 8-11pm Server Time

Note that Tuesday night Normal clears are completely optional.

We are currently looking for the following to fill core raid spots:
• 1x Tank [Death Knight, Demon Hunter or Monk preferred]
• 1x Healer [Monk preffered, not mandatory though]
• 2x Rogues

If you are neither of these things but believe you have something you can bring to our team, please get in touch (ideally with logs if you have them!)

If you're interested in knowing more about us, please add Krimsonmyst#1273 for a chat!
Updated requirements.
Updated! One of our healers has decided to stop playing, so we need to fill his spot!
Still on the lookout for 1 Healer and excellent ranged DPS - both for Ahead of the Curve and 8.1 content!

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