Why were classes pruned?

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The short answer, is the majority of the player base is so stupid that the devs don't have faith in them to understand the classes should they allow them more complexity.

For the most part they are right, although I do wish a different solution would have been done, I for one am a sink or swim kinda guy, let the casuals do a 4th of my damage with the same ilvl, and feel bad about themselves, or just remain oblivious idc really.
The current dev's don't have the skills, knowledge or abilities to create, let alone fix or balance classes, even pruned down as they are.
Just please give us a row of talents for levels 110 and 120! That's all. If we only have 3-4 buttons that we are using on a regular basis, 2 more buttons is a big improvement! This could be a great opportunity to get innovative with WoW. Imagine if the new row of talents gives us incredible abilities that epitomize our class fantasy or do crazy things in battle!...

Let our talents be active abilities. Give our specific passives to our Azerite armor so that we can customize our class, similar to Path of Exile. Each spec can have its own pool of possible passives but different permutations, based on taste.
because the average wow player is so stupid that they couldnt figure out how to optimize their classes and play correctly. someone who knew what they were doing was doing 10-20x the damage of someone who put no effort into learning how to play right.

now there are so few buttons that the difference between someone who doesnt care and someone who puts effort into the game is pretty minimal. They have to keep the casuals happy since that is most of the playerbase and what makes them the most money.
10/22/2018 09:51 AMPosted by Chaysee
They could just easily bake in a few passive talents and then add more. I mean they have no problems adding useless talents nobody uses.

Blizz is scared to make us to powerful that they won’t add anything new.
If you add up all the keybinds you need, say 4 optional pve and pvp talents, plus a couple of potions, you'd be looking at maybe 20-25 keybinds for each spec. Some would be less, and I agree though they could do with fleshing out. If you took every available clickable talent that would add maybe 3-4 more. You want to take that up to 40 keybinds? 50? The core rotation may be 5-6 buttons, but the others include various cooldowns you'll want to have keybound.
Just bumping as I’m still waiting to hear the 26 usable abilities the warrior has.
10/22/2018 09:40 AMPosted by Mafic
Even the MOBA players tell me classes are too simplified and offer little choices.

I can see that they have made some reductions to ability bloat, but ultimately I don't understand what actual experience you're getting this from.

On my Aff Lock i can go from having almost nothing to do to having a lot to manage with a single talent choice; it adds about 2 GCD's of requirements.

How is that "pruned"? Exactly? When adding 2 GCD's to the rotation dramatically changes the class, what are you talking about?

I'm not even talking about the three full bars of situational utility, yet. Part of that comes from multiple additional situational abilities from rolling around in warmode.
10/24/2018 12:55 PMPosted by Noobacleese
Just bumping as I’m still waiting to hear the 26 usable abilities the warrior has.

Here's arms base:

Berserker Rage
Colossus Smash
Die by the Sword
Intimidating Shout
Mortal Strike
Rallying Cry
Victory Rush

IV Recommended Talents (worst case):
Storm Bolt
Defensive Stance

PvP Talents (worst case):
Adaptation (medallion)
Sharpen Blade
War Banner

If you add in all of hte other incidentals like potions, healthstones, mounts, trinkets, etc onto your bars 26 isn't an impossibly high number.
Because it widened the skill gap.

It’s a horrible reason to remove depth from the game, but hey, gotta dumb it down to keep the lowest common denominator happy.
10/22/2018 10:02 AMPosted by Chorong
In my opinion, they did it because it'd be easier to balance. I doubt the crew handling WoW is nowhere grand as it use it be. WoW use to be their baby, but with the rise of OW, HS, and somewhat HoTs (lol this game has more "class design" than WoW), they just don't have the manpower to sustain WoW anymore.
10/22/2018 09:48 AMPosted by Thanen
because of to many skills that arnt needed.i dont see the hate for pruning.they add to many skills so they take some away.
Not trying to be elitist, but many of those skills were not pressed by casuals. Why did Shamans lose grounding and tremor in the first place? Not like casuals pressed it in the first place. Did they ever press Searing totem? PvPers did in order to keep in combat. What about Deep Freeze? Lord knows I need another interrupt in M+. Ever pressed Shiv on your Rogue? Bet you didn't know it dispelled enraged effects. What about gouge? Lord knows I need 5 more interrupts to carry a M+ group. The list goes on and on.
10/22/2018 09:46 AMPosted by Kittredge
Pruned? On my warrior I have 26 abilities not including potential trinkets or tracking azerite powers that I can and have to use and keep track of.. It's worse for some classes.

How much more complex do you want this game to be, lol. damn.
Lol they literally changed the UI in this expansion to make it seem like your bars are full.

Funny part is, even with Kindergarten Class Design (TM), balance is still the worst it's ever been.
They nerfed stats too which was the bigger negative.
10/22/2018 11:13 AMPosted by Mafic
10/22/2018 11:11 AMPosted by Aurigha

because of Casuals

But I am casual and I am against pruning. :)

doesnt matter if you are againts or not, they did the prunning so casuals dont complain about this game being "hard".

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