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Same issue here in Frostmourne, though it's been an ongoing problem for the past 2 days (I believe). Latency looks normal, but have been getting frequent disconnects and trouble logging in. It was normal before the past few days.

For the record, at least two of my friends who's playing on Frostmourne have been having the same issue (frequent disconnects).

Note: On most cases, whenever I managed to log back in, I experienced some pretty major rollback on my character's state (mainly location, talents, and items). So I highly doubt that this is a server unrelated issue.
Battle for Azeroth more like Barely !@#$ing Available (atleast for play in regards to server connectivity).
Maybe the server capacity is shared with black ops?

Its like they are trying to get people to quit at this point....
why did i buy the freaking boat....
10/24/2018 02:57 AMPosted by Akhaelda
10/24/2018 02:47 AMPosted by Nessii
and its not just this issue...the lag is horrendous lately, more than usual.

But I am fine. The ping is normal.

Its all good until going into a bg :(
bliz stopped looking at the forums it seems
10/24/2018 03:08 AMPosted by Nessii
10/24/2018 02:57 AMPosted by Akhaelda

But I am fine. The ping is normal.

Its all good until going into a bg :(

Ya some issues in BG :(( I was just standing without being able to do anything at the start and I cant simply leave BG , have to wait 2 minutes.
i can't log in
always stuck with a loading screen
Issue seems to fluctuate between hours. It can be stable for an hour or so, and completely broken the next with the disconnects and being unable to log in. And yeah, can't really join any dungeon instances since today (almost always stuck at 80%, and getting a disconnect, and a rollback).

Shouldn't this thread be in the Technical Support section though?
Host locations probably aren't being cooled enough Summer seems to be hitting, and servers are overheating...
um its 10 at night?
DC'd in Uldir and now can't get back on. Loading screen pretty quickly gets to ~90% and then just stays there.

It's not just a problem with one toon either.
This is getting beyond a joke now Blizz, this bug where u cant log in on your toon has been around at the start of expac. Now the system were using to fix the issue is completely overloaded. Small indie company though right?
it happens on my mage and now lock. i can't even get in now...
10/24/2018 03:52 AMPosted by Mikaelin
it happens on my mage and now lock. i can't even get in now...

the servers are melting it seems
So, I got in...but I wonder how long it will last? haha
i have a horse !@#$
Bloody hell what broke ? Unplayable atm. Everything was fine til today

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