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So we killed mythic Taloc tonight - 3 Khor, Hamer of the guardian's drop.

2 of them are epic 385's and the one that I get is a 120?

Is this a joke?

I read that it was originally supposed to be a transom item and not really to be used as an item level upgrade. Okay, mistakes happen. not a problem. a few days later I think it was revereted due to the fact that many people already had gotten the weapon and it was decided to be changed.

Now I question how is this possibly fair that 2 people get a 385 version and I get a 120 version.

What makes matters more annoying(doesn't really apply to my blue drop) is that one of the guys we brought in (not guild member) didn't need it, and refused to do a roll for it, and would only try to sell it for absurd gold.

The last part is of no fault of blizzard's but this is probably the most upset I've ever been about loot in a video game before. And I've played wow on and off since vanilla.

I don't know what to think right now, im sure there are mixed opinions on this. And honestly if it was just a transmog weapon okay.. but I mean come on 2 others dropped at 385 and I et a 120? how the hell should I feel about that? It would be one thing if it was a unique transmog, but its literally the same thing just a slap in the face to me.

EDIT: I notice that the skin is slightly different.. Still very not okay with this crap. I dunno what to think right now
Uh, I'm pretty sure the Hammer of the Guardian IS the transmog item, the other two probably got Khor, Hammers of the Corrupt, which is the actual weapon. Blizzard only upgrade the ones dropped pre their fix, all the ones dropped after that are still transmog items.
The tmog item is not taking up a loot spot. It's just a bonus, ppl item. You're not missing out on 385 gear, or being penalized. Calm down.

If you hadn't gotten the tmog, you'd have gotten nothing at all. You didn't "lose" anything.
You getting screwed over by the one pug is just an issue with personal loot. It's why I like master loot more, give the loot to people who actually need it(but that's a bit of a tangent).

The fact that you got the transmog sucks, but sometimes that's how the ball rolls. Everyone can get unlucky with boss drops. You just got to come in next week and hope another drops.
I understand wat you are saying, in my anger I didn't even notice the names are certainly different. I must of not remembered what blizzard said as well as I thought. I was under the impression they just reverted the hotfix since so many already received it.

It just really left a sour taste in my mouth. just feels really bad seeing 2 people get what you want and you geta 120 version of it(I get its a different skin, but its barely noticeable) feels like a slap in the face
I can understand being annoyed that you didn't get loot, and at being annoyed at the pug, but that's the risk you run with pugs in an age of PL.

Rest assured, at least, you did not receive this tmog in place of a 385 item. You got it instead of nothing at all.
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Congrats on your transmog item. Wear it with pride!
I tried to make it clear that was just a separate issue of the guy being a !*!!@#%@. I can't stop him from doing that if that's how he wants to play it.

I'm not ttrying to say "I deserve loot waaaa"

I don't think its okay that they have the transmog item not even listed, but when it dropped the brain goes towards the weapon you see in the loot table. just one of the worst feels bad moment's ive had in this game with loot.

We aren't some hardcore guild i am quite casual these days for raiding, just really not impressed with how blizzard has handled it.. They should make it clear in the loot table if therse a chance for both to drop.. I dont think thats unreasonable, Because I honestly didn't know there was 2 version of it.

While maybe i misread, my impression was that originally they had intended for the ewapon to be transmog only. but they goofed and had the ilvl based on the raid tier they were doing. and they hotfixed it. Seen the outcry since many recieved it already at a certain item level and then it was reverted and that was that..

If they were going to keep both options again I dont think its unreasonable for it to be on the loot table. feels bad.

I think im done venting. I think
It's a bonus drop. You weren't going to get the 385+ drop either way.
10/24/2018 08:19 PMPosted by Fracked
They should make it clear in the loot table if therse a chance for both to drop

To be fair, they've made it abundantly clear in the past. It was a pretty big event, and Blizzard handled it pretty well initially, giving people back their full ilvl weapon if they'd already received it pre-fix to tmog.

I do agree, adding to the loot table might be a nice idea.
would also point out, that not everyone reads mmo-champion or the forum's for blizzards mistakes. I'd still argue they handled this poorly with not even adding to the loot table
10/24/2018 08:16 PMPosted by Brixxzy
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