[H] GOFO is recruiting raiders

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
<GOFO>, a Horde raiding guild on Feathermoon/Scarlet Crusade, is looking to recruit 2-3 people as we finish up heroic Uldir. Specifically, we are looking for a resto shaman with a viable elemental off-spec, a mage and a rogue (although other classes will also be considered). You will need a minimum ilvl of 350 and we only allow mains as raiders, although a main raider's alts are also welcomed into the guild.

Who are we? We are a small close-knit guild with a primary focus on raiding and completing mythic + dungeons. We have a max of 25 unique accounts so that we all share common goals and you don't log on with strangers that don't talk to you. Every person in the guild is required to raid and our mandatory raid times are Friday/Saturday 8-11pm Eastern. We also have a non-mandatory alt raid on Wednesday 8-10pm Eastern. We also do mythic + dungeons @ 8pm Eastern on Sunday. There are no officers, as none are really needed for such a small group. Many decisions, including guild invites, are voted on by all members of the guild. Our players are mature in age, averaging around 35, but we pride ourselves on not letting that stop our compulsive antics.

We provide everything that is needed for raiding including cauldrons, feasts, flasks/pots, enchants, and gems. However, contributing to the guild bank in terms of raw materials(which amounts to about 45 minutes of fishing or herbing or killing mobs for meat per week) for those items is required. We find this system works better than everyone spending thousands of gold per week in order to be prepared for raids.

We use discord for raids/groups and it is known to get wild and raunchy. Fair warning for those that do not like that. We unexpectedly have drunk raids from time to time, which may or may not have something to do with us not completing heroic Uldir yet. :) We are not a mythic raiding guild. Our primary focus has always been getting down heroic and doing the occasional mythic boss should the opportunity arise. We are currently 8/8 normal and 7/8 heroic.

If you are interested in trialing with a fun and laid back guild, add Zephanee#1248 and send me a message.
Bump....still looking for raiders.

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