WTS - Unobtainables, rares, twink stuff

Bronzebeard and Shandris
I just came back from Cata and have a handful of old rares and twink gear, and a few unobtainable items. I'm willing to sell some of these for "Shandris prices," but I'm still gonna be looking for healthy deals with the unobtainable stuff. (And I might be wrong with a few of these things; I've been away for years.)

Hit me up here on this thread, or send me a message at WaxPaper
#1902... I'm on Horde side but I'm sure we can figure something out if you're Alliance.

Staff of Conjuring

Beguiler Robes

Shadow Panther Hide Belt

Black Husk Shield

Shadowcraft Belt

Shadowcraft Bracers

Shadowcraft Gloves

Robes of Insight


Necromancer Leggings

Excavator's Brand

Hanzo Sword

Diamond-Tipped Cane

Purple Dinner Suit

Red Dinner Suit

Staff of the Shade

Blade of Misfortune

Sword of Decay

Tree Bark Jacket

Thoughtcast Boots

Holy Shroud

Azure Shoulderguards


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