236 games of arena today around 2200-2300 mmr

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10/29/2018 09:25 AMPosted by Apheliah

I’ve gone entire seasons without qing 230 games good god

Same. My first 2.2 took 40 games lmao

You play priest... It shoulda been 2.7.
Imagine playing 236 games in a season... OOF.

Go outside.
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10/28/2018 10:10 PMPosted by Broggar
im not a pro or anything but i feel like DH has a lot of tools to counter both mage and rogue

I have about a 50% win rate vs it so im not worried about that, but it feels like nothing else Qs besides that one comp

my tools to stop them have pretty high CDs in comparison to their gos
Ye nowadays people throw $60 at Blizzard the second a class or spec becomes op. Play skirms and 2 out of 3 games consist of fresh 120 fire mages / rogues.
I think it's time for you to go outside for a little while bud. I cant imagine what you must look like.
Like Nyz said, that's an absurd amount of time. Possible but not good.

Rogue/mage is really stupid, mostly because fire/sin is just god tier strong and pretty easy to play imo. I hate fire mage atm though so I'm pretty biased.

Of games I did last night almost all featured some variant of sham, although did a fair number of RMX as well.

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