You win Blizzard, I finally quit!

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You did it, Blizzard you finally broke me.

I have played since early 2005, I have been privileged enough to play through vanilla to the end of wraith. You won me over with Legion no matter how much your legendary system broke me. Battle for Azeroth gave me so much hope when I saw the cinematic, it made my blood boil and made me feel like I did as a child. The dream of once again standing with faction pride with people I would never know in real life against a common foe to waste our free time.

I struggled through Legion, I was a student with a ton of down time for two semesters, so I poured my free time into trying to get legendries. Parsing as best as I could with Prydaz and Norg’s in Emerald Nightmare I became the best of my spec without a damage increasing legendary in the heroic bracket. My hunger from my older years of warcraft pained me as I devoured mythic plus content at a pace only out matched by the super elites. Finally, after three tiers of content being declined from Mythic content I got a chance to prove my worth. On the Broken Shore I farmed endlessly for those table rewards.

Hoping that maybe, just maybe I could finally get something to grant me a boon. After receiving every single possible legendary that would not grant me increases in output I was heartbroken. Of course, you later fixed Prydaz and Sephuz to levels of insane output in certain situations for my class. There I sat next to the command table about to log off for the night however, not before I open my last reward bag. Wearing my headphones, I looked down towards chat to see what my friends were up to before I went off for the night. That is when I heard it, that sound I had heard so many times before and after all this time. I had finally received something to that turn my recent 70% average to a 95% average. (People can say whatever they want but I got logs to prove my claim.) This moment came with a near heart breaking feeling I confused with satisfaction at finally becoming free to this system as I received the one legendary I would wear until prepatch of BFA.

When entering BFA my hopes were high after finishing Legion with an exponentially increased happiness towards it then the first half of the expansion. I had myself a new guild and simply put I was ready. In the first three weeks of heroic Uldir I secured four rank 1’s for my specialization cementing myself on mythic Taloc at rank four that week as well.

This is where it finally hit me like my whole world had shattered. I had come back to Legion after being gone to live my life for three expansions and I raised myself to top 50 world in my specialization before quitting. However, there was no inner feeling of joy or accomplishment. Simply sitting at my computer, I stared at a game that had given me a hollow feeling. Gear means nothing now, there is no pride in raiding nor rated PvP content. I had killed mother and have not stepped foot into Uldir in well over a month as I had quit raiding. The excitement I had grown up with has gone to the point I may not even consider playing Classic.

Being someone who played nearly the entirety of Vanilla’s existence it’s not something I overly want to play however it gives me joy having those memories I made. Overall, I simply wanted Battle for Azeroth to give me the magic I so desperately need. This is my only fandom and my only joy in the virtual world. The world of Azeroth had become my home away from home as it has for so many others. I may play a lot of this game however I continue my education, see my friends, go to work, and spend a good deal of time outside. People can say maybe I have just grown up or perhaps I have just grown cold.

There is no meaning to playing this game anymore it has become the terrors of modernization in the terms of all content. Nothing is special anymore and nothing is meaningful.

I remember running into Westfall for the first time and seeing this beautiful yellow landscape that needed the aid of us adventurers.

I remember traveling to the red hills of Redridge where I met my first Horde player and where I had my first epic one on one brawl.

I remember my first hat and my first mount. I remember venturing into Blackrock and purging Strat with my friends.

I remember the joy of hitting level 60, I remember the first time I saw Lucifron, and I remember the Gates of AQ.

I even remember reading the same quests repeatedly just to scour the map to find a stupid item to loot.

I remember my first world epic BoE drop and my first ever tier piece.

I remember the heart pounding action of fighting for hour upon hours in a single AV match.

I have all these dear memories I hold in my heart and they had given me hope that Blizzard would find its roots again. That Blizzard would remember their own words and craft for us the joy of living in a world where we can escape our realities for moments at a time. My sub will not be renewed after my current 6-month cycle is completed. I love you Azeroth however you are not the world I was born into anymore all those years ago in Northshire.

There is nothing but sadness in my heart now for all of you who joined after wraith, as you will never have these memories in the same capacity that I have as many others do. It was never about how difficult the game was, it was about accomplishment and earning your place in the world. That is the foundation of a MMORPG and that will never change. Without a doubt modern content is mechanically superior in every possible way except for threat management however the was never the point.

It has been nearly fourteen years since I first downloaded this game and I still remember over half of my original guildmates and server mates by character name. The feeling of belonging to a server and faction in place of what we have now is one of the greatest things I could have ever experienced in this game.

It is in my deepest wishes that Blizzard does Classic justice when it is released so that maybe others who never got to experience it properly may feel some shred of joy of which I speak of. Even if it wont be the exact same experience at least attempt to mirror it as best as possible for people.

Give the child who has a single parent and spends his time alone in Azeroth a new home there.

Give the adult who is lost in life the joy of belonging in a world he can be come to love.

Give people the experience of making friends or partners they can spend a life time with.

Give the businessman who has nothing but his career a place to live out his ambitions whether it be raiding, crafting, fighting the opposite faction, or even fishing.

Even if you never make it up to me Blizzard at least give others the chance to feel the way you made us feel back then. Until then I will more than likely be pressured into Classic by my friends and girlfriend who all played vanilla when it was current. However, I simply dream of an expansion after BFA that can at least give me a purpose to play again.

I apologize for this novel I have presented to you however I really needed to get it off my chest and out of my heart. It means a lot to me if you made it this far as I know it is a lot to read. This will be posted by an alt as I don’t want any bias from my forum regulars. I love you all and this beautiful world of Azeroth, hopefully I will be back in a future expansion.

Until then remember to always take the road less traveled.

With love,
Yep me too ten years of wow and I'm done the ruining of classes esp. warlocks, the losing power as we leveled, the awful slowdown if alt leveling and finally after 1000 attempts for HH mount nothing, that was the last straw I'm unsubbing
Aw well
No King rules forever my son.
Where is your face
10/31/2018 02:24 AMPosted by Critz
Super elites lol... Not what I would call them.
later man
Classic will save wow
I too have one account closed and this one is just a matter of time before it will be closed as well, The main reason for me quitting is because of the nerfs imposed to slow us down leveling our alts.

Blizzard made it look so great when they imposed the new races way early a couple months before BFA released and encourage me into thinking that I could get them leveled before BFA was released so I pre-purchased.

That was a lesson learned on my part. The only toon I leveled was a Void Elf Warlock to level 87 and when I could not stand the constant grind anymore I stopped leveling him.

The nerf to our heritage armor, XP nerfs in quests, NPC Mobs with high health that were like hitting sponges, "XP FROM DUNGEONS" nerfed that had been going on for 13-14 years; No more allowing higher level guildies or friends to aid in leveling which was a real deal breaker for me especially when Blizzard allowed Multiboxxing but not power leveling in Dungeons.

For a Hardcore player that had time to play longer than I who only could play just a couple hours a day may be ok with it but for most us casuals it was like a kick in the gut.

Oh well all good things must come to an end I guess and OP I hope that you find entertainment out there somewhere to fill the addictive void that Warcraft once had.

Peace To All....
Best of luck to you.
Such drama.
You pretty much summed up everything I was going to post in a few days.

That feeling of crossing Dun Morogh into Loch Modan and seeing that huge body of water.

That feeling of questing in the wetlands and accidentally walking towards grim batol and realizing how huge the world is.

I tried so hard to have fun with BFA, but and feeling of fun or enjoyment is just sapped away.
you aren't alone , I too am quitting ….I only hung around for hollows end , I like the holiday stuff . I haven't liked much about the last few expacs , but I enjoyed playing my twinks still . now with horribly bad stat squishing and scaling , and all the other terribly bad changes , its just too much . right now its just a stream of players leaving but soon I think the flood gates will open wide .
I tried a server change before I quit, a52--->tich; if nothing is going on here too then i'm done man haha.

and revert bm hunter changes in pvp, k thx.
Well seeing you went from Wraith and returned for Legion, that means you missed MoP, Cata and WoD. So your title should have been "You win Blizzard, I quit again!" as you took a couple of years off already. See you for the next expansion, as you clearly don't actually "quit" but tend to take long breaks.
BfA would probably be fine if the classes weren’t in such a sorry state. I already ranted on this a bunch, but it still feels awful. I hope they start to consider their class design, otherwise a lot more will bow out.
Can I have your gold though :)
You've been playing since 2005, and are still level 5?

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