You win Blizzard, I finally quit!

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Take care and I wish you well!

(gives OP a little box of cookies to take with him on his journeys!)
Wait a minute how c'mon you didn't quit during Cataclysm or Mists pre-patch... you are soo behind the times plus can you really claim to be a true Vanilla player if you started after 1.6, the first major patch that apparently ruined WoW?
You say you were the best in your class, yet you post on a level 5?...

10/31/2018 05:03 AMPosted by Ultpsycho
Can I have your gold though :)

Ah, the trade chat gold beggars are checking in. Good work on making the scam your reason for playing the game!
I mean if you been playing since 2005. Well no one would be mad if you quit. Let’s be honest. 13 years is a very long time
2 1/2 months since BFA release...players are tapping out left and right. This is the norm with a lot of expansions with the exception of WoTLK (but that's just my opinion and experience).

Gaming companies don't put their chips "all in" and throw down a Royal Flush on the table the first time. Understand that 8.0 is just a nibble, just to keep players "entertained" until further progression of content is developed. By the 2nd or 3rd "major" patches, players will at some point regain faith in the developers to continue to "keep the ball rolling". Some players like OP will tap out before then only to return back to WoW for 8.1 due to the hype it's producing. Hype or not, your instant curiosity as a human being will kick in just by either viewing or reading other players experiences and in turn will psychologically program your brain to rethink your decision to re-sub or not.

It's not a myth, it happens. I've deliberated on purchasing games before and after reviewing videos, live gameplay and conduct further research on my own and I was sold. Prime example, Assassins Creed: Origins. I've only played the very first AC when it first came out. ACO struck my curiosity b/c it was in the Ancient Egyptian era (a personal favorite era of mine also) and I was just sold on the design in itself. After viewing other players live streaming ACO, within a few minutes, I was sold buying the game and I don't regret it at all. AC: Odyssey was a no brainer for me, I bought that as well and don't regret that decision either. Fantastic game overall!

All in all, it's your life, your choice to continue to passionately play WoW. It can be a breaking point for some, but, remember, it's just a "video game". Not life. Not everyone can just "walk away" from their obsession which there are MANY players who are obsessed with WoW and gaming as a whole. When a video games is taking over your life, your routine, your family and friends, there's a issue at hand, gaming addiction IS a disease, not so much "physically" but mentally and it's difficult for that person to explain their life choice for others to understand to which some may not may understand why they are the way they are. Anyway, I'm not trying to go Dr. Phil here, just remember, it's not the end my friend. Good luck and maybe we'll see you in 8.1.
Can I have your account?
10/31/2018 05:06 AMPosted by Greatbobbo
You've been playing since 2005, and are still level 5?

Some people never discover their spellbook.

You thought you were the highest heroic parser with utility legendaries and you had a 70% average? Are you high?

And no legendary would move you from 70 to 95% lol.

You said you could prove it and then posted on the alt? Really?
You paint with words well friend. I am glad you have so many good memories to take with you.
tldr, bye!
You post as if they care.
10/31/2018 02:24 AMPosted by Critz
Parsing as best as I could with Prydaz and Norg’s in Emerald Nightmare I became the best of my spec without a damage increasing legendary in the heroic bracket.

How did you calculate this?

10/31/2018 02:24 AMPosted by Critz
I had finally received something to that turn my recent 70% average to a 95% average. (People can say whatever they want but I got logs to prove my claim.)

Please share them.
Overall, I simply wanted Battle for Azeroth to give me the magic I so desperately need. This is my only fandom and my only joy in the virtual world. The world of Azeroth had become my home away from home as it has for so many others. I may play a lot of this game however I continue my education, see my friends, go to work, and spend a good deal of time outside. People can say maybe I have just grown up or perhaps I have just grown cold.

Cringe worthy. No one believes you go Outside... and what about the magic you desperately need? You don't need "magic" from a video game or some sort of outside source.

That's the problem with everyone. They expect to find some sort of fulfillment pleasuring themselves in a game or some other kind if outlet. Want magic? Go spend time volunteering and giving up your time to something more useful. This game is just an outlet for entertainment and shouldn't be used as a means of personal life fulfillment.

The game, the designers, the community (especially us) will let you down. Unless this game is your actual job, get on with life and possibly step away from the front of your computer.
10/31/2018 03:33 AMPosted by Koryl
Classic will save wow
You're funny
I left in 2011 and just came back 5 months ago but I am not resubbing again till Zandalari trolls come out. I also do not like what they did to classes or skills. And the alt leveling is terrible and not fun at all. And I have only alts cause I don't main anything. To each their own.
10/31/2018 02:31 AMPosted by Kñeeshooter
Yep me too ten years of wow and I'm done the ruining of classes esp. warlocks, the losing power as we leveled, the awful slowdown if alt leveling and finally after 1000 attempts for HH mount nothing, that was the last straw I'm unsubbing
Agreed I have a better chance at winning the power ball lottery than winning the HH mount.
send me all your gold !!!
If you are going to quit and post about it, at least post about it on your main. So people can see your commitment to the game up to now. A level 5 mage is no one in the grand scheme of the game... But a person with raid or PvP experience with a 120 that is geared communicates an entirely different message. One that will hopefully resonate, and bring the Blizzard elite to heel.

I know they can look you up, but it is important that the community clearly communicate dissatisfaction with relevance. You are relevant... Your accomplishments should be also.

I could care less if you resubscribe. But if you do, I hope it is because the issues that made you leave have been address, and not because someone stood on a stage like a slick snake oil salesman and tempted you with some shiny gimmick (Ooooh shiny!)...

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