381 6/8 Aff Lock Lf Guild

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Logs https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/saurfang/massivebrain
(Played Rogue for zul)
add me : Taffsy#1723

I am from Barthilas and making a new guild. Would love to chat with u.
added on real id.
Hey mate!

If you can make our raid times Twisted Haven on Aman'Thul 6/8M are looking for a few more Warlocks for Mythrax and G'huun.

Feel free to add Haz22#1498 for a chat if you are interested or take a look at https://www.guilded.gg/Twisted-Haven/games/WorldOfWarcraft/recruitment
H <The Last Hope> Barthilas 8/8H 2/8M are looking for dedicated players of all skill levels to bolster our mythic core.

Currently searching for Tank/Heals/Dps

We raid Wed/Thu 8-11pm server time with a alt raid night Monday.

Add me to bnet so we can chat Syner#11257
Hey, if you don't mind server/faction transferring we are always on the lookout for skilled players.
Add me if you're interested in having a chat.

[A] Kind of a Big Deal 2/8M
Hey Massive, what days time you looking for??

We wed thurs mon 930-12pm Svt Barth Horde. 3/8M

7/8M, alliance Aman'thul, could be looking for another warlock
6/8M 2 night guild would be keen to add another warlock

Thurs/Sun 7:15-10:30 with a 15min break, total 6hrs pw raiding

add me fmm#1844 if you're interested in a reduced hours guild
6/8M frostmourne alliance guild raiding wed/thurs/sun 730/1030 st if you are interested chuck me an add on marto#1272
Hey mate, if you're still looking for a raid team, my team is 3/8M on Barthilas-Horde, and we raid Mythic Mon/Wed/Thurs 8.30-11pm server time. if you're interested, my btag is Sovereigne#11990, add me and we can talk further :)
Afternoon !

[A] <Wipe It Up> Saurfang (2/8M) -

We are recruiting for both of the raid teams in our guild currently! (Both teams do their best to not live up to our guild name)
We pride ourselves on having a very open social atmosphere in our guild with a lot of casual players and raiders, we like to create a guild vibe that you want to log into to play the game not just raid


[Raid Times]
Weekend Team - Saturday/Sunday [7PM - 10PM AEST]
Midweek Team - Wednesday/Thursday [8PM-11PM AEST]


[Currently Recruiting]

Weekend Team Recruiting -
- Ranged DPS
- Melee DPS
- Heals (Disc Priest pref)

Midweek Team Recruiting -
Melee DPS
Ranged DPS
Healers (Disc priest, Shaman, Paladin)


Complete with our Monday night Social raid night where we open the night up to social players to get their clear of Uldir on normal difficulty without the commitment to a raid team.

I've thrown the link to our recruitment thread at the bottom! Please let me know if you want any more information! Mine can be found at the bottom!

Look forward to chatting with you! Live long and prosper!


Contact Me if you have any questions or would like to join!
My btag! purplenub#6756
My discord Derankaix#3574
Derankaix/Amoraix in game! :)
Hi Hope your well

The Last Watch 4/8M Frostmourne Alliance

8.00-11.00 ADET

We are very interested in your Warlock

Core Spot


Hi there Massive

If you happen to still be looking, and wouldn't be against a server and faction transfer (a stretch, I know), Horizon on Khaz'goroth are looking to expand our numbers.

Please add me on bnet for a chat if you're interested: Azazel#1894.

Our recent recruitment post is here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769769692
Hey there,
Ctrl Alt Elitè (CAE) H-Barthilas are looking for an experienced warlock to join our progression team, currently 5/8M.

Our raid times are Wed/Thur/Sun @ 8:30pm - 11:30pm

A little about us - we're a group of raiders that have the same goal in mind - progression.
We have been very active during MOP (finishing at server 1st) and WOD (top 10), We then stopped raiding to focus on Life and returned to prog raiding for this expansion.
Our aim remains the same, pushing prog to reach rank 1st if possible, however, as we're all working individuals and RL is priority - we will be happy with staying in the top 10 :)

We expect every player to understand what mythic prog truly means. We want players to understand mythic prog focused guilds are not just a guild that tries mythic raiding but actually understand there will be plenty of wipes, plenty of frustration, plenty of subbing in/out to achieve our goal of killing bosses at competitive pace in the realm.

If interested, please contact Priom#11710 or Antupaku#1326 for a quick chat!

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