Remove votekick/deserter from islands

BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids
Was doing islands on an alt, and was appropriately pulling packs of trash/rares and aoeing them down. Some rogue apparently didn't agree with the proper strategy as they were just stealthing to rares and attempting to kill them. When they died, they asked me why I'm pulling trash and proceeded to votekick me out.

Votekick abuse creates a toxic community and is basically griefing.
Then report them. If it's griefing then it's reportable.
I agree with this. I've been in a few expeditions lately and out of the blue I get kicked for doing exactly what you're supposed to be there to do - kill things and loot azerite. It's pretty damn annoying that I'm forced to wait 30 minutes to re-queue. Even if they cut it to 15 it would be getting punished for doing nothing wrong.
If you have a specific way YOU like to do things, recruit a group of like minded people. Don't expect everyone to share the same strategy. I always kill rares because they open up the portals to the mini bosses. Killing them gives you chances at pets and rewards.
It's too easy for two corrupt players to get a simple majority on a third, non-offending player. The votee should get a "Are You Still Here?" dialog. If they click, "Yes"; they stay. If they don't, then they're truly AFK, and in 30 seconds, they're gone.
Try getting stuck in a group with two people that decide to AFK the whole time and you have no way to kick them. So you basically get to do the whole thing yourself or die trying. New strategy/exploit is hang out until the NPCs win to get free XP for leveling?

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