Feral vs rogue

How to counter a rogues opener as a feral? If you can beat rogues, what's the secret
A rogue especially assassin will be very strong if they open on you although you didn't quite specify the setting, ie a BG or arena or world PVP.

You can still win but would require them to kinda mess up. As it stands now you will need to try to get a bit of distance and plan for the CC.

This will include generally determining what to do based on what you have up in terms of mitigation, etc. You really should save the trinket for blind, as if you don't a good rogue will reset. This means nothing of course if he is going to kill you in the KS so it's a judgement call.

You can get a bit of distance off and try to remove poisons but it will be reapplied quite fast and you will have bleeds on you so you would need to try to time a shadowmeld (if you are NE) or invoke Incarn to get the free prowl although you will only be stealthed until a dot / poison tick.

Try to SE the vendetta and anticipate when the kidney shot will happen and be in bear form.

I generally try to get distance with my dots / bleeds up and heal/bear/travel form jump ahead since you are going to die fast if you try to tank a rogue for too long.

You can use your PS on roots or heals and then when he's rooted get a quick regrowth/rejuv up and swiftmend and back into bear/cat but make sure your dots are up. Make sure to save thorns for his burst or whatever.

Tough fight esp vs assassin but the only way I have found winnable is the kite / bleed / heal up method
basically pop survival and thorns throw up bleeds and kite while healing you can win almost every time
If against a good assassination rogue who gets the opener it's almost impossible to win the 1v1.

If stun locked during vendetta you have to trinket if you didnt pre wall or pre bear. Problem is if you trinket they will just evasion/cloak your damage and/or your thorns then blind+sap you to reset DR then kill you in the next opener knowing you can't do anything.

Most of this is because assassinations damage is super high and reduces our healing. If you leave form to cleanse it or heal its when the good rogues will make sure to stun you then.

I have a pretty decent duel record, 275-113 currently and assassination rogues are the only ones I cant really play around if they are decent. Average ones are simple enough but fight one equally skilled and feral just flops. Tbf though, this scenario can easily go even or in your favor if you get the opener.
11/04/2018 03:11 AMPosted by Greénlee
basically pop survival and thorns throw up bleeds and kite while healing you can win almost every time

pretty much this, i shut down any rogue without a brain that takes the thorns or waist evasion,/cloak while im kiting, if they dont, just kite with instant root until its ready again, bleed, run, bleed run, thorn, gg.

But like sempai pidooma stated, if they do get an opener, its almost impossible to turn, im either dead in the kidney shot, or i trinket and they vanish to reset and im dead if they cloak thorns or evade. Basically if the rogue is bad, you can easily outplay them with thorns, its a lot easier on other melee as well.

With everything rogue has and can do. It makes me wonder why they continue to be op every patch and doesn't get nerfed, it's almost like there is a wow Illuminati forcing blizzard to let rogues retain their strength, because anyone with common sense can see that rogues are too much right now, especially sin/sub.

All good tho.. I'm a loyal feral and am true to the lore and game-play, I wont sell out and level my 115 rogue.

I feel great when i kill rogues and other things as feral, feels more rewarding not using something cheap that everyone else does to get easy wins, rogue requires little to no skill with its kit, and carries your mistakes easily. You mess up? It's okay, just reset the fight, however when the rogue is very skilled and has mastered the gimmicky class... it's a nightmare to play against.
Or you can go guardian and !@#$ on multiple rogues at once.
If you get the open, you should have a pretty good lead as well.

Unless they are a dwarf of some sort. If they are a dwarf, they should win

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