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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
I'm looking for a guild to call home after I recently transferred over. I'd like to primarily do RBG's but am also interested in getting back into raiding if there's a guild with times I can make.

With my inconsistent work schedule I can't usually make a raid until 9pm GMT+8 so I had to stop raiding back in legion Mythic prog. I'd love to hear from some guilds that might be able to accomodate me and if you think I can fit into your team send me a btag add (Lemmonslice#1155) or post here. :) thanks
Hi Lemmonslice

We might be a good fit for you - <Ex Resurgam> is a GMT+8 Horde guild on Caelestrasz/Nagrand raiding Mon/Wed a week 8.30pm-11pm, currrently 1M/7H and currently looking for dps/tank OS folk to join our ranks.


Check us out and hit me up for a chat look forward to talking to you

Crucifer#1686 or on discord Keltash#9146

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