Past battles and victories quest

I’m just returning to WoW after a period away and I saw a video on youtube about a year ago of a quest that I’m wanting to do (I think in legion but I’m not sure) that basically takes your Character through his/her timeline of past battles and victories. I’m not certain if it’s class specific however if anyone knows the quest I’m talking about I’d love some info on where to start it

many thanks in advance!
Part of the Light's Heart Illidan quest chain takes you back to the Black Temple raid (but as Illidan.) That's the only thing that comes to mind for me right now, although there are some class hall questlines I haven't done. Does that sound like what you were thinking of?
The quest definately had a dark atmosphere, if memory serves a dark grey and green overtone. That definately sounds like one I want to check out but If it’s based on illidan I don’t think it’s the same one unfortunately. I remember specifically the youtuber saying something along the lines of “this quest is really cool, I like how blizzard made a quest that takes your character through time as you work your way through here, showing how you’ve grown over the expansions” of course I’m paraphrasing lol. For all I know it could have been a quest anywhere from Mist to Legion since I left right before Mist was released. I’ll look that one up and see if it rings a bell! :)
The other thing that comes to mind is the Deaths of Chromie scenario. I still haven't gotten around to doing that one, so I'm a bit fuzzy on how it works, but it seems at least like a candidate for what you are looking for.

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