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I think all the 16 year olds in this thread need to wait until they get a college education, some life experience, and take a sociology class. Then they will be able to answer their own questions.
Am I supposed to care what some online randos think of me playing bfa wow.
Honestly I have been ghosting on the classic forum just to enjoy the salt and hysteria. It's been hilarious.

People posting that they won't play because there are dungeon maps. AND THAT'S NOT VANILLA D8<

People upset because stat numbers have two decimal points rather than one AND THAT'S NOT VANILLA DX<

I just...whoa. So yeah. The schadenfreude has been glorious.
So we had:

Wrath baby
Cata baby
MoP baby
WoD baby
Legion baby

Now we have:

BFA Crybabies

Can't wait for more of these amazing revolutionary terms.
I have to agree with the current toxicity of posters and the announcement that it will require a sub; the classic forum SHOULD require an active subscription to post.
11/03/2018 07:49 AMPosted by Konstantinós
I was surprised honestly at the amount of vitriol there. They refer to us in GD as "BFA losers" or "retail losers". When they speak of retail or BfA it is said as an insult as in "Go back to your retail WoW crybaby".

I am a bit surprised, but not completely.

I am interested in Classic, but for the fun aspect. Retail WoW will always be where my heart is.

that's FANTASTIC. Maybe they will play classic and leave the rest of us alone!
Personally I'm going to enjoy diablo on my phone during my train commute, play classic when I feel nostalgic and continue to enjoy the new stuff on live.

There's no virtue to only wanting one thing, one way, though some trollish posters seem to use that as a basis for attack. Utter nonsense and they're the ones who lose out in any case.
11/04/2018 01:00 AMPosted by Walls
classic forum has gone a year without out even a blue post or any meaningful updates, this forum has done ok imo.

this shouldnt be a valid reason to give up on what you enjoy though. there are jerks everywhere. sorry you had that experience, i see it too but im still going to try to enjoy what i enjoy
yeah, its great entertainment. Neckbeards gonna Neckbeard.
It's funny to see people try and defend BFA like it's not some dumpster fire. I gladly would play Classic, TBC, Wotlk, Cata, MoP, WoD and Legion over this abomination of an expansion.
You must be new..

Wrath babies.
Cata Babies
Mop Babies

It stopped somewhat after that
The biggest problem I'm concerned with in classic s the community schism that has taken place. I feel like people think it's impossible to enjoy both versions of the game and I have been attacked personally for saying so many many times.

Ive lost count of the number of times Ive heard "LOL you didnt play Classic you dont know what a challenge is"....Ive spoken to people who PLAYED Classic and they are GLAD its old and out of date.

Had guildies who told me of trying to get a group, only to have it fall apart, many of them confuse "challenge" with "tedium"...just because it TAKES longer doesnt mean "its a challenge"..it isnt.

Its busy work and little else.

"Retail players dont socialise like you had to in Classic"..I do socialise, thank you, I sociaise with people I want to be social WITH...theres a huge difference between that and sucking up to some GM because thats the only way you get to see content, that isnt being "social" thats being a sycophant.

I gamed in 2004, and I am here now, and to me retail is far superior..yet for these Classic people, it seems they are sneering of anyone who likes the current game..whilst forgetting that its the current retail playerbase that FUNDED their Classic in the first place.

I wont be touching Classic when it comes out..been there done that dont care for nostalgia.

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