Bork is currently recruiting new members to grow our numbers and community.

We are currently a smaller group of friends on US-Lightbringer but are looking to branch out into a larger community of chill individuals that are looking to raid, do mythic + content, or even just hang out.

Currently we are looking for new members of all skill levels, classes, and roles.

We currently have completed 5 of the 8 bosses in heroic Uldir and are looking to down all 8 before the next patch.

We are also looking to form Mythic + teams to push the higher keystones on a weekly basis.

If Heroic raiding or Mythic + content is not your cup of tea we are also looking for general members that just want to hang out and be part of our community of friends.

If you are interested in joining feel free to contact our Guild Master Moruh or myself in game. If you are not on US-Lightbringer you can also visit our guild website found below to fill out an application or get in contact with us.

You can also add us both via battle tag if you have any questions for either of us!

Moruh: Mora#11549
We are still looking for new members!
You may want to put when you raid, otherwise you may end up borked.

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