13+ YEAR Mythic group. Weekends LFM!!

Guild Recruitment
last bump of the night :D
Good morning world!
Hello darkness my old friend
bump still looking for ranged dps and healers :D
hello all
good evening
We are looking to fill these roles by Friday. 11/16/2018 Get in contact with me on bnet or discord to get the ball rolling :)
Still searching.. Thanks for the responses.. Need some DPS!
Who saw the bills Spanking the jets? Not this guy!!! Still looking!
Still looking!! :)
Good morning world!
still looking for some range dps come pew pew with us in our mythic fun guild :D
Bumping still looking for more range dps
I am home and online all day today to talk to potential recruits... Thanks!
Still loooking for more range dps to join us xouple slots left come join are mythic team
Good morning world..

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