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Hi Blizzard,

I want to create this topic to address some holy spec issues. This spec is incredibly fun (more than disc in my eyes) and quite complex however in the way it's designed it rather won't be viable in pvp ever. In Legion it was a different story. You had plenty of great pvp talents to use and you could actually pick 6 or 7. I can't really remember. Atm you can pick 3 but it's very hard to decide what to pick as you feel that you need at least 5-6 of these. Greater Fade is one of these spells that allow you to survive some huge bursts, holy ward - avoiding CC, 2x serenity to improve healing, lower cd on guardian or ray of hope - crucial defensives, spirit of the redeemer - great cd for surviving big burst, instant pom - works great with your trait, "aura mastery" is a key to survive sometimes as you have 1 school of magic to heal and you are extremely immobile.

My idea is to make some of PvP talents baseline. For example Greater Fade, Ray of Hope and Spirit of the Redeemer. Holy already struggle with it's survivability in M+ environment. Ray of Hope won't be op in PvE because you need to overheal the damage anyway. You can even increase it's cd. Other thing is that give holy any spell from other school of magic just to survive because if he is trained by two meeles and he gets kicked considering he is so immobile and cloth wearer might mean his miserable end. Maybe give him any fire spell or a school between holy and shadow like warlocks have shadowflame school or chaos school and ele has elemental school.

Thing that you added on ptr is nice for PvE but greater heal is not going to help holy in pvp. Ray of Hope and holy words are so fun and have amazing skillful potential. Please make holy great again and think of PvPers as well.

Best regards,

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