Anyone else canceled their sub after this Blizzcon?

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Why?? i don't have any issue with the game as i take everything in know the tooltip in the loading screen....yeah

Games are to relax not to stress yourself out :)
11/05/2018 05:28 PMPosted by Lightvoìd
Nothing happening in WoW until Feb, no new allied races til feb/march, no system changes/fixes until 8.2 which will be around july/august if any, and no signs of any allied race beyond that so we probably wont see any new race until december next year at the earliest.

You spelled December wrong. I mean seriously, 8.1 releases in December. Say it with me... DECEMBER.

December is not Feburary.

And no, I'm not cancelling my WoW subscription. WoW is doing fine. I see no reason to quit a game I enjoy playing because the Diablo team dropped the ball. But hey, you do you.
i stay subbed mostly through legion. i have about 2 weeks left. i have no real interest in re-subbing.

gave blizzard the benefit of the doubt and waited till blizzcon. future content isn't impressive and so long off that i can't really justify just feeding money to blizzard. everyone i play with left so, yeah, my favorite spec is also a dumpster fire. bfa is below blizzards standards, just like wod was.

i will return when the game gets/if better. it's just not for me.
I let my sub slide months ago and came back only for the Hallows End holiday (goes dark again on the 7th). Although I have no desire to purchase or play BfA I'm surprised (even though it always happens) that so many people bash the Devs about how broken everything is because the expansion is rushed just so that the 2nd string can bash them for taking too long to iron out the issues and come up with new content.

If you really are enjoying BfA, I'm truly happy for you. If you don't have the patience to wait for Blizzard to iron things out properly, then at least cut them some slack when the fixes don't work either because they were rushed.

Just my two cents. Y'all have fun and maybe I'll see you in the future for another holiday.

Toodles. :)
no, but playing rdr2 quite a bit.
I wish the folks behind the scenes took their time to honestly deliver a complete game.

I haven't been happy with the game for a while now, only reason I'm still around is because I'm a guild leader and I've become friends with the people in the guild.
Hell no, i wanna level a kultiran druid, gotta get ready :D
I cancelled mine before blizzcon, but it certainly did nothing to change my mind.
Canceled my account, but will play once in a while until sub runs out. I'll be back when Pathfinder part 2 comes out.
I have 12 days left on mine, will not be renewing it. They borked all my classes i play with the pruning so the game is boring as all heck now.
Hadn't even occurred to me; I'm paying for the game I'm playing, not some future version, or one I don't care about that doesn't impact me.
My sub runs out next month, have not log back in at all in past month or so.

Nothing in current game holds my interest. so yeah gonna let sub run out and won't come back until 8.2 or next expansion.
11/05/2018 05:56 PMPosted by Därkprayers
I think you need redirected to Diablo forums. This is the World of Warcraft forums and 8.1 sounds very promising. How Many allied races do we really need ffs. The PC gaming market is only getting smaller. If Blizzard wants to stay relevant they need to be relevant to all the major platforms, including mobile. We have WoW, HotS, Hearthstone, Starcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch all on PC. Console has Overwatch and Diablo. Mobile has Hearthstone and coming soon Diablo. If you notice PC has ALL the games plus exclusive titles. If you want Diablo Immortal on PC then download Bluestack.

Actually the pc gaming market is growing, with WOW now being put in the number seven slot, with six other games leading it, as best PC MMORPGS. Funny thing is those games are playing like past WOW before the stupid ION changes.
11/05/2018 10:01 PMPosted by Cirenavi
Actually the pc gaming market is growing, with WOW now being put in the number seven slot, with six other games leading it, as best PC MMORPGS. Funny thing is those games are playing like past WOW before the stupid ION changes.
Actually I just started my sub back up, due in large part to BlizzCon.
I don't think the people who quit BfA did just because of BlizzCon. A lot of people are dissatisfied with the expansion and for some people it's too much.

As a casual I'm happy just doing my WQ and whatnot though, so no plan to quit.
Nah fam
Gotta admit the game is getting pretty damn stale. I'm starting to think Diablo 3 might be more fun. :(
11/05/2018 05:35 PMPosted by Blinte
Not I.
There is still much to do and soon there will be even more.

So...much? Are we playing the same game?
No, they announced Nazjatar.

Here's to hoping Azhara is a recurring villain from here on and not a one shot raid boss. That would be a colossal waste.

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