[A] The Last Watch 5/8M - LF PRIEST

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<The Last Watch> 5/8M guild pushing for front page in future tiers

We are pushing Zul Extending lock out

We are looking for a Holy or Disc Priest with a DPS offspec

We supply
G repair ,Feast ,Flasks ,HP pots.

We Focus M+++ 1100 raider i.o +++

Raid times

8pm-11pm - Wed
8pm-11pm - Thurs
8pm-11pm - Mon

Just add me via bnet : )

Still looking
Warlock , BM Hunter , Mages , Boomy
first egg down on fetid

need more range

MW monk or Priest PST! !!!
Bump Still looking
still loooking
Still looking
Looking for a healer

progging on fetid

second eggs down
Were looking for a priest with a dps offspec

Extending Zul

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