Character Data (and Progression) Not Updating

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Characters on my realm (Thaurissan-Dreadmaul) don't have their armory Data updating.

(When using 3rd party sites such as WowProgress or, the raid-kill data has not been updated for over 8 days)
Last Logged Out: 8 days ago

Everyone in my guild also doesn't have their progression updated since then.

This character is 2/8M (as evidenced by M-Taloc Gloves/Loot, doesn't have any of his Mythic kills shown in progress)

My main character is 7/8M (Doesn't show me with a M-MOTHER kill even with her Ring/Loot equipped)

Please look into this, as not having progression data updated hampers our ability to join pick-up-groups as people tend to look for experience/achievements.

Thank you.
This is happening to me as well, no updates in 8 days. Even after server restarts and after weekly reset.
Character Data/Progression still not updating.
Looks like multiple OCE characters also.
Same. Mine is also missing raid info from Legion and that was months ago.
Myself and guildies are all having this same issue. Gear is updating but progression is not on the armory. Would be nice to see a reply/fix for this soon please.
Been Having this same issue. Gear and ilvl update but Progression hasn't updated for Myself and for majority of the guild. Would like to know if there is a problem.
Same issue for me as well. Collections also not updated in some time as well as progress.

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