The problem with most specs isn't DPS

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It's that they're not fun to play. Taking away tools, and therefore options, even if other classes have similar ones, isn't fun. Taking away iconic spells isn't fun. Removing any semblance of complexity from a rotation isn't fun.

Having no utility, barely any spells, iconic abilities and fixes to a spec's problems as talents, isn't fun.
DPS is still an issue specially in Mythic+ when the trash is buffed. The difference in cleave dps between specs is high right now. We are not talking about a small difference it can be up to 20%.
This is the big downside with all the printing they have done. I understand the need to consolidate abilities but when you take away so much that the classes become unfun to play, you have gone too far.
In some cases yes, the issue is dead spots in rotation ect..
Though in the end, if your DPS can not compete you will not get in groups.
DPS balancing needs to be better, 100%

But I agree that more of the issue right now is so many classes feel hollow. We got pruned in WoD, we got pruned moving into Legion. Artifacts and Legendaries gave some of that back.

Then we lost Artifacts, Legendaries, and Tier moving into BfA. Sooooo much of that stuff that actually made a lot of classes feel complete looking at the end of Legion got left behind. Or we have to choose between that and something else in our talent tree, which still leaves a hole to be filled no matter what choice you make. Azerite does not fill these holes either.

More stuff needs to be returned to classes, there needs to be more baseline depth to many rotations and spells (NOT ON AZERITE, BASELINE)
11/06/2018 10:31 PMPosted by Zalgo
It's that they're not fun to play. Taking away tools,
The problem for most specs is that they have to deal with dps balancing ON TOP of only a few spec's get all of the utility that people really care about - misdirects, immunities, raid/party buffs, hard cc, mobility where as feral, for example, get a roar and this is ON TOP of every other melee having a one button instant I win on AoE for that 5 man content.
11/07/2018 10:55 AMPosted by Varrow

More stuff needs to be returned to classes, there needs to be more baseline depth to many rotations and spells (NOT ON AZERITE, BASELINE)

None of the azerite traits add any rotational complexity do they? I mean there was one Shadow traits where if you stacked it three times you used a non-standard spell as your filler, but a) stacking it 3 times was ~impossible, and b) probably a DPS loss anyways, and c) they nerfed it before it was cool.
I've been playing WoW every single day for the last 10 years of my life. Legion and BfA are the only times where I have had gaps in between days of playing.

I struggle to find any reason to log into WoW anymore. I do not have fun anymore in WoW regardless of how much content there is to do.

My one and only answer to why I don't play anymore is because of class design.

There are way too few abilities. The skill cap has been reduced to a mind numbing low. I feel like the heart and soul of WoW has been ripped out and I don't want any part of it.

We need more abilities. We need our abilities back. We need better interaction with our characters when we play them. The current state of class design is pathetic. Also keep in mind that I say these things because this is exactly how I feel. This has not been an emotional outcry. It is what it is and nothing more.
All I see are the following classes in mythic + :

-Blood dk
-MW monk

The number tuning isn't the issue, it's the fact that some classes have nearly double the tools when compared to others.

All I am seeing in these PTR class updates just recently are simple number tuning. That isn't going to fix the class representations.... at all.

At this point it's wishful thinking to possibly imagine in a virtual world in which it's impossible to come up with that blizzard could maybe add in ONE NEW ABILITY instead of just replacing talents or adding them as pvp talents.

Am I wrong?

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