Petition to have Zandalari Paladins ride a Devilsaur

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Light infused long boi. Let’s end the alliance over night.
I just don't want a direhorn. Ravasaur or devilsaur is preferred.
"Child of Razen"

*only the chosen few been proven to ride this beast, fewer worthy to be chosen*

I think that fit it.
Should be the racial mount like all other pallys, that is a ravasaur (i think)
Anything but a direhorn tbh.
Yes freaking yes!

I'm gonna be so bummed if it's another direhorn.....
I thought anytime any faction in WoW tries taming a devilsaur it winds up breaking lose and running amok.
I don't see any other fitting mount, other than a Devilsaur, for my paladin to ride in the near future.
11/07/2018 07:32 PMPosted by Maizou
11/07/2018 04:33 PMPosted by Atarael
I hope they give you the default Alliance horse mount like I got. :(

Erm, Lightforged have the Draenei Elekk?

That said, they really need to give Lightforged a Lightforged Talbuk. :/

Lightforged actually get both human and draenei pally mounts
Make it a low to the ground ankylosaurus
I like the racial mount. Would love a devilsaur mount though. One as bigger then mammoths.
That'd be a pretty cool look.
Is there a picture of whatever their current paladin mount is? if so can somebody please link?
Would be cool to have a miniture Oondasta for the paladin mount
It will obviously be a Devilsaur, there’s no doubt.

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