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Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether
Hi all,

My wife and I are looking for another RP server to settle into. We have some characters on Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord, but both are too heavily populated for our tastes and WrA is 3 hours behind us (we are EST timezone) so it was very hard to find events. We'd prefer something still somewhat active but less crowded. We have characters on both Horde and Alliance side, so this question is from a perspective of both factions. I am relatively new to online RP (I played tabletop RPGs for over 10 years but stopped in 2009), only a few months (and mostly in ESO, I think I've RPed maybe 3 times in WoW), but my wife has been RPing in various mediums and games for nearly 20 years.

1) Is there RP on this server? I've noticed most of the EST RP realms seem to be dwindling or have little to no RP going on. I'm also considering Emerald Dream (which is CST so would be an hour behind) but I'd prefer an EST server for no time conflicts.

2) Being RP-PVP, do most people have War Mode on? We are okay with this as my wife PVPs a bit and I have never done more than BGs but wouldn't mind (also for Classic we are likely going RP-PVP so will be good practice)

3) How is the faction balance? As I said we have toons across both (I currently prefer Horde though) so a healthy mix would be great. Are there a variety of RP guilds (preferably that also dabble in other content) on each faction? MG and WrA are a bit too populated for introverts like us, so we'd prefer something smaller and closer-knit (and being new to RP I get very uncomfortable in large groups). We are also eagerly excited for Classic so hoping to make new friends to enjoy that experience with as well when the time comes.

Thanks for any replies :)
Hi there! Twisting nether/ravenholdt is a pretty small server, but we do have a very friendly and tight knit rp community. On the whole, you might find it a bit harder to find "walk up rp" like you get on WRA or moonguard, since the population of rpers is spread much thinner. But most people use the free chat app discord to coordinate get togethers and events and even just rp on. There is a tavern night almost every week on both factions, and a few guilds on each side. I am the recruitment officer for one of the biggest horde RP guilds, so if you have an interest in that, feel free to ask.

If you want to join and look around, the RP commuy discord can be joined here:
Hi there! I joined this server with my girlfriend not too long ago, and this is what I can say. I've run into 3 characters as of level 64, so it's very low population. 1 of them I did some casual RP with for a bit, so world RP can happen. The majority of players are probably max level and in higher level zones.

The good thing is that we have communities. RP can be found pretty easily through them, and you don't have to be on the same server as long as they have room in their party. Guilds too, but finding them in-game is difficult. You find guilds through players, and you meet players at max level (I'd hope), so I guess you'd have to level up all the way before finding much of social activity? At least I hope I find more of that as I get closer to max level myself.

We do need more people though, so I'd love to play with you sometime should you choose to come here! I too prefer smaller communities, plus I'm unable to play much outside of weekends which most guilds aren't really all about.

I hope you find some of my experience here helpful!
The smaller population is exactly why I rerolled on this server as well. Long time roll player so figured i'd give the RP servers a go. Thus far few days on the server i've only seen about 5 people total across each of the starting areas. (currently rolling: Warrior, Druid, Paly, and Monk which are all sub 20 atm).
Server is dead would not recommend.

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