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Guild Recruitment
Hello and thanks for taking a look! if you wish to contact me for any reason please add my Bnet! but there are some things i can lay out for you. i can absolutely keep my patience while taking constructive criticism. will be the funny guy when really needed. and i promise the upmost respect and consistency!

We could possibly chat Tyrrlin#1503, I sent you a request :)
Rally (Alliance)
Rally After Dark (Horde)


FMSA Raid Team: 6/8 Mythic Uldir (8/8 Heroic)
Fuzzy Unicorns Raid Team: 2/8 M, 8/8 H Uldir
Danger Zone Raid Team: 1/8M, 6/8 H Uldir

HORDE-QQ Puffs: 8/8 Heroic Uldir, 1/8 Mythic (HIGH NEED)

Raid Times:

FMSA: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST
Fuzzy Unicorns: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST
Danger Zone: Thursday 8:30pm - 1130pm EST
QQ Puffs: Tues/Thurs 8pm - 11pm EST

Wednesday: Guild wide open raids 8pm - 10:30pm EST
Fridays: Achievement runs, Jackbox Party Games, M+ races, discord event and contests
Saturday: 8:30 - 11pm EST Horde Alt/casual open raids
Sunday 8:30 - 10:30pm EST Casual/Alt Optional open raids
Monday PvP (Rated BG's 8:30 - 10:30 pm)


Dalaran - PvE (US)

About Us:

<Rally> is a guild founded upon the principle that we want to enjoy the people we are playing with. Rather than being a raiding guild that is social, we are a social guild that raids. We use very exclusive recruitment methods to ensure compatibility among members to maintain a cohesive atmosphere at all times.
Our guild is inclusive of all skill and experience levels as well as a variety of end game goals. From the new player who is still leveling to the retired hard core raider who is looking for a challenge on a more forgiving schedule. An experienced player with a buddy brand new to the game. We have an option for just about everyone. Most importantly, we are a community. We are a home. When you want a great group of people to hand with but don't want to wear pants, RALLY is the answer!

Guild Atmosphere
We have mostly adults here, averaging about 30 in age. We're still plenty immature at times and we have lots of fun. There's some dry humor, a meme channel in Discord and hidden bot commands to troll each other. We're a family here. We spend the day chatting in Discord chat from our phones or work until people start getting home and logging in. We have people with children and families and share complaints about cranky children and spouses. We are a highly active community of people. If you joined Rally, you could physically raid 5 nights a week and a lot of people do. We bring alts to other raids or even raid the same raids again despite loot lockouts because it's just fun to hang with these people and smash !@#$ together.

We are looking to recruit people who fit into our group well and get along. We are looking for people who care and want to learn and get better or are already skilled but lack the time to dedicate to hardcore raiding as well. Whether you still want to push progression or just want to raid once a week for fun and minimal pressure, please apply!

We are a tight knit community of friends with a solid foundation of real life and long term friends having played WoW and other games together for 10+ years. We have a diverse membership with several couples, male and female, and new and experienced players. Our Discord is active during the day while people are at work and we are always spending time online running Mythic+, alt raids, popup raids, world quest groups, leveling alts, helping each other level and gear, etc.

Currently Recruiting:

Rally is always looking for personalities who fit into our team and are willing to wait for specific raid openings in the name of joining an amazing guild.
However, our current raid openings are as follows:

FMSA: Full
Fuzzy Unicorns: DK, DH, exceptional ranged (mage, moonkin).
Danger Zone: DPS: shadow/disc priest, DH

QQ Puffs: DPS of all classes, 1 healer, tank

How to Apply:
Hi Winstön,

I've added you on bnet and will try to catch up with you there, but I figured I'd copy our recruiting info below, just in case you check back on your post.

Looking for a new home for the next raid tier? Tired of joining guilds only to have them fall apart a month later? We have been raiding consistently since Wrath and have never missed a raid tier or failed to down a boss at our chosen difficulty level.

<Deadside>, an adult Heroic raiding guild on US-Stormrage is looking to add a couple of new raiders to our team, all roles and classes will be considered.

Must be an experienced & competent raider with a great attitude.

Join us this Wednesday in Heroic Uldir for a trial run!


General Recruiting Info

About us: We are a small guild that raids to have fun, but takes our few hours of raiding time seriously. Our raid team has been consistently downing bosses and having a blast doing so since ICC. If you are looking for a stable guild with a laid back raiding environment that is still focused on progression, you may be a good fit with us.

Current progression: 8/8 normal, 8/8 heroic

Raid times: Wednesdays & Thursday, 8-11pm EST

Website: http://deadside.guildlaunch.com

Contact: Serindy (Serindy#1644), Manumana (Deadside#11891), or Haldolshot (Godcheese#1562)

Raid size: We raid at the heroic level with a team of ~15

We provide:
- a solid, stable raiding team that consistently downs bosses and has fun doing it
- well organized raids that start & end on time
- free flasks, potions, food, gems, enchants, etc
- a laid back raiding environment that is still progression oriented

We expect our raiders to:
- have good knowledge of your class and be able to play it well
- show up regularly, on time and give 100% for the few hours we raid
- be prepared for raid (have your gear ready to go, know the fights)
- have a good attitude (we're a team, we act like it)

If you are looking for a guild where you can raid consistently and down bosses with a group of awesome people, check us out!

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