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I haven't been chasing these since Darkshore drops. Are they still every 20 minutes? Also, is it every 20 mins in a RANDOM zone? or is it every 20 minutes per zone?
Can anyone help with this? A blue post would be amazing to clarify this, but I know it isn't very likely to get one.
I seriously haven't seen one at all since 115 a couple days after launch. I've been starting to wonder if they got bugged clear out of the game or something :/
I *believe* 20 minutes was always speculation. Blizzard's official description has been purposefully vague (probably to avoid people purposefully camping flight paths).

I do however believe the spawn is based on the zone, not a BfA-conent wide timer.
Have been in zuldazar zone for 30 mins waiting and haven't seen anything yet. Does anyone have any information to help?
Try getting a few 5 man groups (but don't convert to raid for achievements) and go to all of the points that they are known to spawn. You want to split up and keep your eye on the blimps/zeppelins that drop them.

Markers on the ground can really help. Once you know for sure where it is going to drop, call in the rest of the group to rush that area and defend it.

If you want multiple air drops in a night you possibly need to switch zones after each drop; at least that's how it was for us. It seemed like the 15-25 minute respawn wasn't happening after we looted one in the zone as a group. We would swap to a new zone and were able to repeat the methods to get 4 in one night. EDIT: Although now that I think about it I believe we did see 2 from Tirisgarde Sounde (Horde claimed one), we did switch a lot after a certain point though.

There should be around 7 different points where they randomly drop per zone. I can't remember the exact numbers per zone. Whoever gets the achievements for looting it is based on luck, as some zones you can't possibly rush the zone with everyone in time. However there are a few very fun zones where you can get to at least most of them as a team hehehe.

You will need to look up the coordinates or map locations for the known areas, and good luck! There is an achievement for looting it first and make sure to let everyone get their round in. Or don't and be a troll.
What makes it difficult is that there are multiple areas they drop in a zone, but they should drop somewhere in each of the zones in 15-25 minutes. This achievement for war chests was really hard when I tried to solo it, and would recommend getting a group.
I've picked up heaps of these and yes, I've found that they're still roughly every 20 minutes. If you're Alliance the best place is Stormsong followed by Nazmir. No idea if you're Horde.

In Stormsong the airdrop will nearly always drop slightly north, slightly south or on the outskirts of Brennadam. When I feel the need for some easy Conquest points I chill out in the Inn with the sound turned up high while doing something else (working, Youtube, reading a book), etc...As soon as you hear the plane, flick back to WoW and most of the time it's flying overhead. At least 40% of the time the crate is literally falling into my lap. The rest of the time I may have to do some scouting. Very ezy loot.

In Nazmir the only drop I know of is just west of Alliance base camp (East of the Horde camp) on the road so you can do the same thing. There may be other spots.

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