How do you feel about Blueberry?

Personally, I hate him (it?). I’ve always had a warlock as my main alt since Vanilla and I’ve never understood why the voidwalker is a warlock pet.

First off, they are not demons, they are void aberrations and as we learned in Legion the void is the antithesis of fel as much as it is of the light. Second, visually they just don’t fit, at all.

This wasn’t as much as an issue when we could have infernals (I’ve always played destro and that has always been my dream pet) as a permanent pet but now I really miss it and hate having to use that ugly blue blob when doing solo content.

Why can’t felguards be baseline and replace voidwalkers especially now that there are so many more demon models and a unique one can be given to demonology locks? Or better yet, why not take a page out of other games’ books and allow any pet to perform any role? I am sure hunters would love that too.

it's my favorite warlock demon, though I liked it's old darker look more
Honestly I love my void walker just hate the point of it’s tail/feet needs. Smoke to hide the horrible polygon cut off
I've been wondering why it's a warlock pet since WoD when we learned (via xhul'horac) that fel and void are different and react negatively to even interacting.

That said, I like HAVING a tank pet, I just don't think voidwalker fits the bill. Probably hasn't been removed because it's been in the game since vanilla, and the bit of lore where fel and void directly go against each other didnt exist back then, if I recall.
Play demo, use felguard, and shut up.
Play demo, use wrathguard, and shut up.

There you go <3
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Play demo, use felguard, and shut up.

Nope. Green fire trumps all else. And demonology feels incredibly lack luster to me. They couldn't think of a better fantasy for it than literally throwing imps set on fire at people? Really? No thanks. Make felguard baseline and give demo locks a wrathguard.
He' s so buffed up he should be called the roidwalker. Moody pet but ultimately compliant.
I agree heartily. It is an aberration and I seriously don't understand why it is that way when they tried their darndest to give all the classes a theme and lore reason for said theme.

The fact they changed the Voidwalkers to be aberrations now kinda bends the lore of the Warlock.

EIther it's a demon or it isn't... It can't be both unless there's a reason. Even then, there needs to be an explanation in a quest/questline on why that is.
I prefer a Samsung.
i love mine. he is my bb. when i'm aff or destro out in the world i use him exclusively. with demo, which i main, i use him on things i think i won't be able to solo and yolo it with him. i use my felguard the rest of the time.

personally i'd be pissed if we both a. got rid of him and b. gave derpstruction warlocks access to the felguard. it's been demo exclusive since it came out. you not liking mr vw is not a good reason to change it. it works.
Incase you forgot legion we had a talent that let infernal be a permanent tank pet.
I personally like the blueberry, but it needs to be tankier and better at holding aggro.
He is a warlock pet because, before the shadow priest fantasy revamp, warlocks WERE the void users. They used fel and void when others were too afraid to.
I wish my fel puppy was a tank minion.
For those who read about the Council of the Black Harvest and participated in the Green Fire quests, we know that Warlocks canonically investigate other sources of magic to bend to their will. While fel magic seems to be the primary magic of warlocks, the class flavor is maintained by Warlocks going after ANY magic to gain more power.

In the short story Legacy of the Masters, the Council goes out around the world to investigate and collect magic from different sources. Some go to Ragnaros in the Firelands to learn about elemental fire magic (not fel magic), and some go to hunt down remnants of the Twilight's Hammer to learn about Old God based (aka void) magic.

People should be more mad about the Voidwalker being a bad tank than the Voidwalker not fitting in with class lore.
I like him, although I Main as a Demo Lock, but god damn fix the smoke that comes at his feet!, he need more of it half the time when moving theirs the bottom of the point looks so weird..
Why cant I summon Mannoroth to tank for me, or one of those weird eyeball demon dog bois
I want to have dreadlord powers. Sleep instead of fear for CC, carrion waves for AOE, and summon infernal to tank for me.

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